Prodigal Son Season 1 Episode 8: “Family Friend”, Streaming, Preview!

Prodigal Son Season 1

A new TV show is always exciting to watch. New faces like Bellamy young, pretty face blue eyes- he is the prodigal, alongside with a true prodigal actor Michel Sheen. In this case, producers tried to surprise us with a new concept, of a son that chooses to be his dad’s complete opposite. Dad is a serial killer, and son is fighting them using his talent to spot them.

Moreover, the writers made a new twist in police and FBI shows. More interesting, medically oriented, mind bugling with action and suspense.  Actors Lou Diamond Phillips, Michael Sheen and Tom Payne famous as Jesus in The Walking Dead Series are a great combination in this show.

This show is a twist on Silence of the Lambs. If you don’t own a Bose Sound Bar with this show you need one. This show’s best quality is the creepy background sound effects and music which makes this show a FOX-Y Thriller.

This show will most likely score Tom Payne and Sheen Emmy’s. Lou Diamond Phillips is a happy surprise to see working again in this Series Blockbuster. As that deserves to be on the big screen in theaters Worldwide. My question is now will Prodigal Son allow Tom aka Bright to use his Karate skills as he did in The Walking Dead? Tom has great skills in fighting he can bring to this show.

Moreover, the Fox channel will air each episode on Monday. Here you can watch the promo of episode 8 as below:


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