National Treasure 3 : Nicolas Cage will Return for the Third Movie!

National Treasure 3

Many movies are getting their sequels and in which National Treasure 3 has confirmed. According to reports, this film will bring the old cast. Nicolas Gage reprised his role as protagonist Benjamin Franklin Gates.

The platform for National Treasure 3 is not confirmed yet. It will release on theatres or Disney+. The franchise is becoming popular and welcomes the possible sequel.

Fans are so happy because there have been two movies so far. The original pone came in 2004 and then followed by the 2007 sequel. There is any buzz around the third movie.

Fans really want to know about its release date. Moreover, the cast of the movie is still not confirmed. However, it is expecting that all old casts will return.

But the fan’s favourite Nicholas Cage will come back for the National Treasure 3. there are no more updates about the movie. One of the biggest questions is that the film will release in theatres or not.

According to reports, the movie will come out on the streaming platforms, but that’s not so confirmed.

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