Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Book of Occupation: Chapter Five: Requiem For Tavon!

Black Lightning Season 3

Fans love seeing a powerful, positive and educated black cast that actually has a storyline. You can read between the lines on that statement. It has so many layers to this show if you really pay attention.

The show finally builds a genuinely tense and horrifying scenario for Blackbird. Tavon’s oldsters are convinced their son is dead and ask Thomas Jefferson to check if he will resolve wherever he’s. Feeling for the distressed parents, he convinces Blackbird to bring Tavon back to Freeland. Anissa agrees, however below serious protest.

When Anissa thinks something’s going to go dangerous, you must most likely listen. Well, Jefferson’s father ought to grasp that currently. The show effectively builds a way of dread as Blackbird brings Tavon back to Freeland whereas pain pill waits for her. The fight between them is well-choreographed.

However, Tavon’s presence makes it particularly painful. He tries to assist Blackbird out, and the pain pill mortally wounds him. She told you, Jeff. The show doesn’t let that tension up, either. Whereas Blackbird is at the town’s perimeter, Agent Odell pays her home a visit.

When Blackbird was noticed at the perimeter, he goes to examine to check if Anissa’s reception. Smart factor her girlfriend will shapeshift. Grace disguises herself as Anissa and Gambi guides her through spoken communication.

She’s nervous as hell, and you get the sensation the complete game may be up at any moment. It’s an incredible, nerve-wracking scene. Meanwhile, back at the perimeter, Black Lightning meets up with Anissa and Tavon. However, can’t save him. He dies in Black Lightning’s arms.


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