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    With winter fading and the days warming up, everyone’s wardrobes are eager to blossom. As we all peruse the racks for brighter colours, fresher patterns, and breezier fabrics to cool us down, we are also making sure to tiptoe the line between stylish clothes and affordable prices. If you are ready to flaunt your curves in fashionable, comfortable clothing while protecting your bottom line, then check out what’s on the agenda for plus size wholesale clothing this coming season!


    Dresses are one of the greatest outfit choices because they are a simple, one-piece ensemble. They come in many different styles that are appropriate for casual days, formal events, or work settings, which also makes them a versatile option. And even better, you can add hats, scarves, jackets, accessories, and shoes with a personality to transform the dress into a dynamic outfit. This season, you’ll want to keep your eye out for florals, thin stripes, and long, flowy dresses.

    Here are some of the season’s top-dress designs:

    • Trapeze. The trapeze style of dress is narrow at the shoulders, and wide at the hem of the dress, which often ends below the knee. Trapeze dresses are a particularly savvy purchase because they easily transition from formal to casual settings depending on the colour and pattern.
    • Cage Sleeve Dresses. Cutouts are very in this season! Criss-cross straps in caged cutout design on the shoulders of short sleeve dresses offer a fun flair to a dress of any fabric and pattern.
    • A staple season after season, Maxi dresses flow down to your ankles in a freeing, flowing fashion, making them appropriate no matter the occasion.


    • Off the Shoulder. As with dresses, this season’s tops are also all about showing off those lovely shoulders! Off the Shoulder, tops can be worn casually with jeans and flats or dressed up with a shirt and heels. The unique neckline of Off the Shoulder tops creates a fun and flirty look that is also relaxed, and easy to move in.
    • Cold Shoulder. Cold Shoulder tops are similar to Off the Shoulder, but are considered even easier to move in because they are not held in place with an elastic band — they are just the result of holes! Cold Shoulder tops are basically a normal shirt with a deeper neckline to show off your collar bone, and holes cut along the upper arm up to expose your shoulders.
    • Front Knot Tops. Keeping your outfit casual, cute, and slightly edgy is easy with a Front Knot top that usually features a knot right at the waist or just above.

    Pants & Jeans

    • Denim. As a staple item for any person’s wardrobe, jeans will always be in style. However, the rinse, colour, and rise are going to differ from one fashion season to the next. Especially trendy now in denim are white skinny jeans, which add a refreshing brightness to an outfit after the grey days of winter. They can be paired with a brown wedge and a bright shirt for a splash of colour. Also trending are ripped jeans, especially in a medium wash and black. The black ripped jeans can be paired with a simple white shirt and a denim jacket for a clean look. Or, you could pair the medium wash ripped jeans with a flowy top and boots for an easy everyday look.
    • Pants. In terms of pants outside of denim, high waist paper bag pants with bold colours and ties that cinch at the waist are trendy for both a casual or a business casual setting.

    Now that you have the low down on the trendiest dress, tops, pant and jean styles of the upcoming season, it’s time to put your knowledge to use and hit the racks!


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