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october Kingsley
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About October Kingsley

October Kingsley is a notable American actress, film producer, and chief. She has been appraised as a Hollywood’s top developing film producers and actresses.

She turns into a notable personality in the wake of getting accomplishment in her film “The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi”, co-starring opposite Hollywood star and legend and academy-award winner Faye Dunaway.

October Kingsley not just famous in acting, producing, and coordinating films, yet she is likewise an effective plug advertisements and music video chief.

October Kingsley finishes their moved on from UCLA University with a twofold major in Philosophy and Psychology.

Presently, October Kingsley is chipping away at various upcoming component films and T.V show.

The movie was discharged worldwide by Troma Entertainment. Aside from actor, producer and chief, October Kingsley is additionally an effectively developing business and music video executive. She is a UCLA graduate in Philosophy and Psychology. On the off chance that you need to see her acting and bearing abilities. Then you should watch her movie “The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi.” She’s made an extraordinary showing in the movie. At present, she is dealing with a few other element films and television show projects, which will without a doubt have an immense effect on crowd.

More Details

October Kingsley is an actress, film producer, and executive. She has been appraised as one of Hollywood’s top rising film producers and actresses. Ms. Kingsley made her component film acting and directorial debut with “The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi”, co-starring opposite Hollywood legend and Oscar winner Faye Dunaway. Notwithstanding acting, producing, and coordinating films, Ms. Kingsley is likewise a fruitful business and music video executive. Ms. Kingsley moved on from UCLA with a twofold major in Philosophy and Psychology. She is right now chipping away at a few upcoming component films and television show projects

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A few people like to be mysterious and October Kingsley either fits this form or she simply doesn’t care for giving out personal information. That is justifiable and simple to regard. Yet in show business it will in general cutoff one’s upward mobility since the more individuals think about you the almost certain it is that they’ll perceive your work and need to see more. All things considered it’s sort of simple to expect that a few folks aren’t generally into being famous, they simply need to do their thing and get paid.

That is a simple estimation to comprehend since a ton of writers in this world will in general need to get paid and not manage the problem of fans or others attempting to ask them a million inquiries about what they compose. A few people like it, others don’t. However for October’s situation it nearly appears as though she doesn’t.

Fun Facts

October Kingsley
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Here are a couple of thing that can be gotten about October.

10. She will in general play powerful yet in addition upset characters.

A few folks like to play the serious, dark characters that are extremely powerful however have a major blemish some place in their character that drives them and torments them simultaneously. This sort of job removes a ton of from a ton of actors since it requires a lot of energy to continue it.

9. She’s additionally an executive and producer.

She coordinates, creates, acts, and keeps everything straight in some way or another. Many individuals might want to a couple of things simultaneously while some can deal with every one of the three and considerably more. Yet that appears to be a strenuous assignment to take on for only one individual.

8. Starting at yet she’s still on the ascent and presently can’t seem to truly increase a solid reputation.

From what I could discover on her it appears that she’s been around since 2009. Yet her ascent to notoriety has been somewhat moderate and wandering as it were. There’s no uncertainty that she has some ability yet without showcasing it all the time it’s difficult for individuals to recall her in an industry that pushes forward at such a fast pace.

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7. It would appear she favors avoiding the limelight.

This equitable sounds unbalanced when you truly consider it since those that make movies will in general need to be in the limelight at any rate a smidgen. Particularly in the event that they’re actors also. Be that as it may, for reasons unknown she’s been remaining on the down low for some time.

6. There truly isn’t a great deal about her online.

There sincerely isn’t that much except if there’s a hidden entryway that presently can’t seem to be found where the main part of her information and life is kept. To feel that anybody can remain off the internet totally is difficult to accept. Yet while she’s on here in a little manner there’s not a great deal else to be found.

5. She starred opposite Faye Dunaway in one film.

The movie, The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi is obviously a fairly dark and startling film that she and Faye Dunaway were in that numerous individuals probably won’t think about. It would nearly appear that October needs to make the movie yet not have it be seen by some other than the individuals who are truly intrigued.

4. October certainly loves being provocative.

She unquestionably appears to get a kick out of the chance to push the limit as much as conceivable which is excellent here and there and sort of eye-getting in others. After all individuals become used to cultural standards now. And again and when somebody crosses them those equivalent individuals will in general notification and their responses can be very fluctuated.

3. The manner in which she introduces herself appears to show a dark persona she attempts to influence.

From the dark hair to the cosmetics to the garments she wears it appears that October is a lady making herself out to seem as though she has a genuine dark side. Also, she may very well have one for all we know, there’s not a ton to debate that now.

2. A great deal of what’s on the internet about her is tied up in the movie The Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi.

You can discover this movie and gain proficiency with a tad about her. Yet just a smidgen since actually that is by all accounts where the greater part of the information on her strength be. Whatever else is simply blips and little clasps that don’t offer a lot. Like such movies? You can watch such amazing films online as well. 

1. There’s not a great deal of approach to realize whether she’s on social media, her total assets, or quite a bit of anything.

You would nearly feel that it may be near inconceivable for somebody to be this slight of a nearness online nowadays. However clearly it’s as yet conceivable on the off chance that one is constant enough about it.


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