Netflix’s Series ” Money Heist or La Casa De” Release Date and All Details!

Money Heist or La Casa De

Everyone knows about the famous Spanish series Money Heist or La Casa de. It has become one of the most-watched series globally. The third season dropped off a few months ago. Noe fans are waiting for the next season. So let’s talk about the fourth season.

The Argentinian actor Rodrigo De La Sarna was the biggest heist of the last season who also saved Rio. He said in an interview the fourth season would come in January on Netflix.

                 “The expected release date is 18 January 2020.”

Fans are expecting and predicting an early launch. Netflix did not make any official news regarding it.  S we hipe that soon Netflix will announce the exact date. At the time, it is impossible to say anything about it. Netflix did not reveal any trailer of season 4.

According to Netflix Italia, the series is the most-watched non-English series with huge fans. Thirty-four million views were recorded at the time of the first episode of season three.

The last season left a big cliffhanger of Nairobi, and that is still a mystery. So let’s see who will win the heist the police or professor.

Fans are desperate and do not want to wait. However, you must have to wait till January, then you will get your favorite series on Netflix.


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