Batman’s Son will Join the Legion of Super Heroes in January 2020!


Here is the latest news for you about the Legion of Super Hero. According to news, the real son of batman is joining DC’s legion of superheroes in the coming years.

The Legion of Superheroes will add a new member in January 2020. The hero is Batman’s own son.

According to DC’s January solicit, the series will plant seeds and ideas that will blast out te DC universe in the coming months. According to the latest news, Damian will assist them on a secret mission for the human-made planet name Planet Gotham.

It is the most crime-infected city in America that is not such a good idea.  Most of the Legionnaires thinks that Damian, as the team member, is also a wrong decision.

Most of the characters are shocked and displeased.  Well, this is not happening for the first time that the Batman and Superhero’s boys have teamed up. The also appeared earlier in many books in which superman 16 included. In this series Jonathan Kent come back from the space journey.

Well, I think, so Damian Wayne is the right hand for the comic book writer Brian Michael behind the wheel.  Bendis is famous due to his intelligence.

He perfectly does juggle many characters that are considered a rare talent in the comic book industry. So Batman’s son is the perfect choice for the Legion of Superheroes.

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