Luxury Holiday Bingo: The Things We’ll Be Checking Off Next Time We Jet Set

luxury holiday bingo

We’re at peak wanderlust right now. Every evening spent dreaming of caviar and cocktails, pristine white towels, and hotel slippers. It’s been a very different 12 months for those who are used to traveling, instead of swapping nights overlooking luxury holiday bingo gaming or television.

Our hobbies have completely changed, seeking thrills in the likes of console gaming or online bingo, the latter of which has seen a huge boom in players who have switched the bingo halls and Online Cricket Betting ID worldwide for a smartphone and sofa. If you play mobile bingo you’ll be more than aware of the bingo card, and it’s certainly inspired us. But while our regular bingo card may be filled with numbers, we’ve started to think about all the things we’d mark off on our very own luxury holiday bingo, ready and waiting for when the jet-set returns. But what would make the list? And what would make yours? We’d love to know…

Michelin Starred Restaurant

Fine dining has been hard to come by in recent times and we’ll certainly be treating ourselves to an extravagant tasting menu as soon as we can. There are many cities around the world jam-packed with Michelin Starred restaurants with Tokyo claiming a staggering 226 starred restaurants in the Michelin Guide, the most of any city. Next stop Tokyo? It is an Olympic year after all, and we’ll certainly be going for gold in this one.

Spa Sensations

2021 will certainly require some time to destress and a spa will be at the top of the holiday list for many people. It’s certainly one we’d be looking to dab on a bingo card, with plenty of luxury offerings around the world. Chiva-Som in Thailand is considered the best destination for a spa, with over 150 different treatments. Such is its popularity it’s a regular trip for the likes of Kate Moss, Elle Macpherson, and David and Victoria Beckham, you can’t get a better recommendation than that.

Breath-taking Views

Everything has gotten a little samey of late hasn’t it? Staring at the same four walls, walking the same routes each day. Our eyes need something special this year and boy does the world have breath-taking sights in abundance. A regular pilgrimage for bucket listers is, of course, the Northern Lights, but the likes of Zhangye Danxia Geopark in China, Venice, Machu Picchu, and Pamukkale in Turkey also offer plenty of eye candy. In fact, there are dozens of great spots all over the world which will really take your breath away.

Champagne, Champagne, Champagne

The suns going down on a gorgeous summers evening. The cork has just been popped and it’s time to make a toast. And what better place to do it than in France’s Champagne region. There will be celebrations aplenty when it’s possible to board planes again, and there aren’t many places to pop open a bottle than in the region where it’s made. 

Of course, if champagne isn’t your thing, you could try the likes of Bordeaux, or if you’re more of a whisky lover then the Highlands of Scotland, where you’ll find plenty of trails taking you from distillery to distillery, all set to a magnificent backdrop of rolling hills and endless lakes. It’s the perfect way to cap off life back to some normality. And we’ll certainly drink to that…


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