‘Kingdom’ Season 2 to Premiere on Netflix in March!

Kingdom Season 2

If we are looking back Netflix has released “Kingdom Season 1” in January 2019. It is a binge-watch season of six episodes. After watching all the episodes in one sitting, fans are pursuing more information about season 2.

The reason why this series is so good is that it works on so many levels. First, of course, you have the Zombie Contagion which has a great origin story. The Zombies are unique in that they are nocturnal, so during the day they hide in nooks and crannies of the landscapes and structures which adds to their “Creepiness Factor”.

Second is that there is also the intrigue surrounding the Royal Succession which is at the heart of why the Zombies ended up being created in the first place. The third is you have the highly oppressive Feudal Structure of Ancient Korea which adds a lot of opportunities for a number of Social Narratives? Last, are the exotic Period Setting of the story.

Last Friday, Netflix revealing the facts about the release date in an official tweet as below:

And it is expected that season 2 will hit the screen in March 2020. Moreover, cast editions are going on. And different characters are visualized to add some new faces. Whereas, whole the main cast will get back in season 2.

However, if we are talking about the plot. Then it is suggested that the story of Kingdom Season 2 will revolve around the prince crown. The prince is coming back to his palace and making a scheme to uncover the villain scheme.


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