Chicago Mad Season 5 Episode 8: “Too Close to The Sun” Streaming Details and Preview!

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Chicago Med Episode 5 is on the way, and its chapter 8 will release today. the title of the episode is ” Too Close to the Sun.” The previous episode title was “Who knows what tomorrow brings.”

You would see there is something wrong with the new love interest of Maggie, who will be Ben. Moreover, Maggie does everything to help Ben. in Today’s episode, you will see Maggie gets some unsettling news about new friends. Maggie will support his best friend.

The doctors from the Med family rushed into emergency surgery, and we will also see a social media influencer on medical advice.

Here you can watch the promo of today’s episode.

The story is so confusing as it could be someone who is getting burnt, or someone has achieved something. Dr. Ethan Shoi will treat a patient and makes effective decisions on his medical treatment.

Doctors are furious when they hear that. Choi’s reaction was notable. Noah Sexton kills a gang member who is a recurring guest star, Roland Buck.

Phillip Davis’s role is playing by Ian Harding and Nick as Dr. Will Halstead. Davis attacks on Dr. Will Halstead in the parking and that was a long shot. Now it looks as Noah will be the target of fury.

The episode will release on NBC channel at 8 pm


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