Kenny Omega- Top 10 Fights And Interesting Facts

Kenny Omega
TOKYO, JAPAN - AUGUST 12: Kenny Omega stands after the 6-man tag match during the New Japan Pro-Wrestling G1 Climax 28 at Nippon Budokan on August 12, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by New Japan Pro-Wrestling/Getty Images)

Kenny Omega is a well-known wrestler who made a special place for himself in the hearts of the fans quickly. There are many hardcore fans of his who want to know every detail about Kenny Omega. Here we discuss some interesting facts about him and list down the best fights he has fought to date.

Interesting Facts About Kenny Omega


While Kenny Omega is frequently erroneously alluded to as extraordinary compared to other American wrestlers to ever contend in Japan, that isn’t generally valid. Omega is really from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. While Chris Jericho was conceived in New York, since his dad was a hockey player, he experienced childhood in Winnipeg.

Insanely, Omega was likewise an ice hockey player growing up, so the associations with Chris Jericho kept on developing. Presently, as 2019 sees the two men in the upstart AEW Wrestling, the Canadian wrestling legacy ought to stay solid as wrestling heads to an energizing new future.


Kenny Omega isn’t only extraordinary compared to other professional wrestlers on the planet. However, he is additionally an incredible video gamer. He and the Young Bucks appeared at the E3 2018 show to fight New Day in a vast computer game fight. Be that as it may, this shouldn’t come as a shock. Since Omega has adored computer games since he was a child.

Omega began his profession as a 16-year-old in an outside the box wrestling promotion in Winnipeg called TRCW. And his first trick was as an otaku gamer. He even utilized the Hadouken move from the great fighting game Street Fighter.


At the point when individuals consider Kenny Omega, they think New Japan Pro Wrestling. There are likewise the individuals who realize that Omega has assumed a job in Ring of Honor Wrestling. Furthermore, in-your-face fans who think about his WWE roots. Be that as it may, Omega was additionally part of the most established wrestling promotion in America’s gigantic 50th-commemoration appear.

Kenny Omega wrestled at the NWA 50th Anniversary appear in 2004, and it wasn’t only a fundamental match. Omega was in a title match at the show and struggled Petey Williams for the TNA X-Division Championship – a match he lost. He later held the NWA Canada X-Division Championship.


After his work in Canada and a spell in World League Wrestling in Missouri, WWE welcomed Kenny Omega to a tryout with their organization. He dazzled and in 2005, was sent to Deep South Wrestling in Georgia, which around then was the WWE formative region.

Be that as it may, things turned out poorly for Omega there. After only 10 months, he mentioned his prompt discharge from the organization.


After his discharge from WWE, Kenny Omega returned to Winnipeg and contended in PCW again, where he wrestled names like A.J. Styles, Petey Williams, and even Ultimo Dragon. After additionally working in Jersey All Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor paid heed to the youthful superstar.

Omega made his Ring of Honor debut in 2008 and lost a progression of matches to veteran stars. It was a proving ground, and he before long climbed the stepping stool and even got prevails upon ROH champion Austin Aries. He worked there until 2010, when he began working more in Japanese wrestling promotions and returned as of late in an organization between the organizations.


Kenny Omega was working admirably working in the United States and Canada, yet he settled on a gigantic choice that was the best of his profession. Omega saw another youthful wrestler contending in Japan named Kota Ibushi. He sent a tape of his wrestling to DDT Pro-Wrestling and a promo testing Ibushi, and they acquired him for a match.

That was the beginning of an involved acquaintance as Omega worked with DDT from 2008 until 2014 and New Japan Pro Wrestling from 2010 until 2019.


In the event that anybody tunes in to the tirades of Jim Cornette. They realize that he abhors Kenny Omega. There may be different reasons; however, Cornette’s greatest object is that Omega wrestled a nine-year-old young lady in a match. Cornette detests whatever makes wrestling look phony, and this was the tipping point.

The young lady was named Haruka, and this was in DDT Pro-Wrestling in Japan. The match really finished in a period limit draw, wildly enough. She really continued wrestling for a year after that before resigning.


Kenny Omega turned into a gigantic star in Japan, and it saw circumstances such as he was not going to come back to North America outside of little appearances. He adored Japan such a lot that he got his Japanese citizenship to live there too. Over wrestling there, Omega paid attention to it, and scholarly the language – something numerous American stars try not to do.

It made Kenny Omega a significant star to Japanese fans just as American fans who followed NJPW. He wound up winning the IWJP Jr. title twice, the heavyweight title once, the IC title once, the U.S. title once, and three distinctive label titles. He likewise held nine titles in DDT Pro-Wrestling.


At the point when one thinks about a straight-edge superstar, CM Punk rings a bell. Punk even made it part of his trick – no drinking, no smoking, no medications. Kenny Omega has likewise said that he is additionally straight edge, and it is truly not an astonishment in this day and age of professional wrestling.

While wrestlers from days of old invested as a lot of energy celebrating or hanging out at bars, they turned out. The present stars are altogether different. Wrestlers today appear to like to hang out and play computer games as opposed to drink and party. And perhaps that will enable the wrestlers today to have longer life expectancies than the individuals who have kicked the bucket youthful in the course of recent decades.


Kenny Omega finally chose to leave Japan and come back to North America in 2019. After just about ten years as one of Japan’s top stars. Omega marked a four-year contract and assumed the job as one of the co-VPs of All Elite Wrestling, close by The Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes.

Omega will make his in-ring debut as an individual from the AEW program. At AEW Double or Nothing on May 25 out of a one-on-one match with Chris Jericho. A rematch from NJPW. What’s more, he will likewise fill in as an official in the office. Getting new ability and launch what many expectations will be the following huge thing in professional wrestling.

Top Ten Fights Of His Career Till Date

10. Kenny Omega Vs. KUSHIDA (WrestleKingdom 10)

Around when Kenny Omega was truly beginning to explode in a standard manner. He put on a mind-blowing match against KUSHIDA for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship at WrestleKingdom 10.

The vast majority recollect that timespan for Omega’s choice to assault A.J. Styles and assume control over Bullet Club (which he did the next night). However, that doesn’t imply that this match ought to be neglected. It was imminent. With Omega hitting a moonsault off a guardrail while grasping a trashcan. The games were brimming with GIF-tale minutes and features that helped the two men develop inside the organization.

9. Kenny Omega vs. Juice Robinson (Destruction In Kobe)

Kenny Omega has arrived at the point in his profession where he is currently ready to make a star out of different entertainers. That is actually what he figured out how to do at Destruction In Kobe with Juice Robinson.

Robinson had the option to prove his value in this match. Indicating he was at a level deserving of confronting Kenny Omega. Robinson hauled everything around here to attempt to pull off an agitated. Compelling Omega to try and hit his One-Winged Angel from the top rope so as to acquire the triumph.

8. Kenny Omega Vs. Pentagon Jr (ALL-IN)

All In was one of the most outstanding and most significant occasions throughout the entire existence of professional wrestling. Beginning the gathering on an excursion that would prompt AEW. (which could possibly occur if the show was a triumph).

To guarantee that they drew a lot of consideration, the gathering put a fantasy match between Kenny Omega and Pentagon Jr on the card. Neither kept anything down. Omega and Pentagon tossed everything at one another. Wrestling at a spectacular pace and declining to back off until the end. They had fans observing each move with immense expectation, satisfying everyone’s expectations.

7. Kenny Omega Vs. Kota Ibushi (DDT Nippon Budokan 2015)

This is a match that occurred quite a long while prior now and occurred before Kenny Omega truly burst into the standard, which implies numerous fans haven’t seen this exemplary against his closest companion, Kota Ibushi.

While they have confronted each other since this is their best excursion against one another to date; the two men tossed all that they had at one another in a hard-hitting fight. Their companionship is clear inside this match, yet that doesn’t mean they kept down. In the event that anything, they did the inverse, with a SnapDragon Suplex on the ring apron proving it.

6. Kenny Omega Vs. Hirooki Goku (G1 Climax Final 2016)

Another match that may have been marginally disregarded by progressively easygoing wrestling fans is that everybody should see it at any rate once. Omega was very nearly making wrestling history by winning the G1 Climax. And so as to do as such, he expected to overcome Hirooki Goku.

Omega hauled moves out of a large number of his companions’ books in this one. It was hitting Bloody Sunday, a Styles Clash, and, in any event, endeavoring a Phoenix Splash to attempt to get the triumph. At last, it was his own One-Winged Angel that worked.

Top 5 Fights

5. Kenny Omega Vs. Tetsuya Naito (G1 Climax Finals 2017)

Kenny Omega was in an unbelievable run – which saw him burst into the standard as perhaps the best wrestler on earth – when he crashed into Tetsuya Naito in the G1 Climax Finals in 2017.

It was having gone head to head the prior year in the semi-finals of the competition. The two men knew each other well and put on a match of the year competitors multiple times. Some way or another, figuring out how to top their exertion in the finals. The two men had to pull out every one of the stunts they had up their sleeves in a match that made some great close to falls until Naito was, in the long run, ready to polish off the Cleaner to get the success.

4. Kenny Omega Vs. Cody Rhodes (Supercard Of Honor 12)

While they may be in agreement now as they endeavor to change the world with AEW, Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega were once severe opponents in what was an incredible storyline over who might be in charge of Bullet Club.

Cody and Omega recounted to an unbelievable story more than a while, with little prods and words traded through the well known Being The Elite YouTube Channel. Everything worked to this match at Supercard Of Honor. Fortunately, the game had the option to satisfy everyone’s expectations. The two men brought all that they had in a session that was stuffed with splendid close falls and some astonishing narrating.

3. Kenny Omega Vs. Chris Jericho (WrestleKingdom 12)

Their match at AEW’s Double or Nothing, which featured the PPV, was a phenomenal session. However, it neglected to satisfy their past experience at WrestleKingdom 12 for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The match was Jericho’s first endeavor outside of WWE in quite a while. And a few fans were concerned that the veteran probably won’t have the option to stay aware of the Cleaner. Be that as it may, he immediately indicated why he is truly outstanding ever to bind a couple of boots, more than matched Omega. It was a physical and severe fight, yet the two likewise blended it up in some incredible wrestling.

2. Golden Lovers Vs. Young Bucks (Strong Style Evolved 2018)

While Kenny Omega is customarily a singles wrestler, that doesn’t mean he can’t blend it up in the label group division. He has proven this on numerous occasions close by his Golden Lovers accomplice, Kota Ibushi.

In any case, their match against the Young Bucks was so wealthy in the story. That the four men had the option to take things to the following level. Inside the ring, every one of the four men is stunning wrestlers. Yet include the storyline that they had going, and it goes to an unheard-of level.

1. Kenny Omega Vs. Kazuchika Okada (NJPW Dominion 2017)

Let’s be honest, each one of the matches between Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada could have made this rundown. However, to keep things additionally fascinating, only one has been picked: their epic fight at New Japan’s Dominion occasion in 2017.

It was the ideal case of mind-blowing narrating all through a match with the two men putting on a genuine act for more than 45 minutes. The two men demonstrated how great they were when Okada hit his Rainmaker in the final 30 seconds yet was too drained to even consider making the spread. A straightforward detail that helped the match stand apart above whatever else. Be that as it may, these two men lock up at whatever point you realize the game will be gold.


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