How To Make Wipe Rags From Old T-Shirts


People have been using recycled wipe rags for quite a long time now. These rags are not only affordable but have various other benefits. You can use the recycled wipe rags to clean your kitchen and workplace spills. Many manufacturers make these rags using old clothes and sell them in bulk. But do you know you can make wipe rags in your home using old T-shirts? 

Turning your old t-shirts into wipe rags is not a challenging task. However, you must be more careful while cutting the cloth for making the rags. If you want to make wipe rags that look perfect in your storage closet, you can follow the steps given below: 

Step 1. 

The first step involves smoothing your old t-shirt onto a flat surface and cutting it. To cut the t-shirt, you can use any scissors, but fabric scissors are usually the best for this purpose. The fabric scissors do not pull the textile as much as the others. Using the scissors, cut the part of the t-shirt below the sleeves. 

Step 2. 

After cutting the portion below the sleeves, set the two parts aside. Once you smoothen the bottom portion, it is time to trim three of its edges. To do this, you must use a rotary cutter. If you want to maintain simplicity, leave the bottom hem. 

Step 3. 

Once you are done cutting, you are left with two pieces of clothing from which you can make two wipe rags. You can stitch both pieces together to make a thick rag or use them individually. You can fold both the rags nicely and put them in your storage closet. 

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Step 4. 

If you do not want to waste the top portion of the t-shirt you set aside earlier, here is a tip. You can also utilize this top part of the t-shirt to make another rag if it has no markings. Put this portion over the cutting mat. Using the scissors, cut a rectangle out of it. You can find this rectangular shape between the sleeves. 

Step 5. 

Trim all of its edges to keep a perfect finish to the rag. Fold the new rag and put it onto the previously made wipe rags. The number of rags you can make from one t-shirt depends upon the t-shirt size. Usually, with a normal-sized t-shirt, you can cut out at least two large wipe rags and 1-2 smaller ones. 

To Sum Up

There are multiple cleaning tools available in the market. But only some of them are affordable. Wipe rags are best for cleaning the dust particles developed on your home’s furnishings. The rags from old T-shirts are soft and won’t leave any scratches on your furniture. You can also use these wipe rags to clean the spills in your kitchen as they have good absorbent capacity. Check out the above steps to easily make wipe rags using old t-shirts.