How To Insure Your Classic Car in Kingston

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Owning or collecting classic cars is unique to vintage car lovers. Classic car lovers adore the history associated with each vintage car. 

However, regardless of whether you drive a vintage or a regular car, road traffic regulation in Kingston makes it mandatory to have minimum insurance coverage for your automobile. However, sometimes finding the best classic car insurance Kingston CA has to offer can become tricky.  

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This article will explain everything about classic car insurance Kingston CA collectors need to know. 

Classic car definition

According to the Vintage Car Club of Canada, cars that are 25 years or older qualify under the classic car bracket. Suppose your vehicle is manufactured and registered under your name for 1980, is unmodified, embodies significant history and has a restoration value. In that case, you might be eligible to file for classic car insurance.

Other factors such as luxury accessories, operation mechanism using brakes and clutches and engine horsepower might also be taken into consideration during classic car insurance assessment.

The definition of a classic car might vary marginally from one company to another. Some insurance providers might consider 20 years old automobiles as classic cars, while some require your car to be 20 to 30 years old for qualifying in the classic car bracket. Additionally, a collectible or limited edition status might also be qualification criteria for classic car insurance. 

Classic car insurance Kingston — What is it and why is it important?

Classic car insurance is not your regular automobile insurance available for your daily use car. Classic cars significantly vary from average traditional vehicles. And therefore, you will require a specialized insurance policy to cover these classic or antique cars. 

Your classic car insurance coverage will be solely based on the financial value of your car in the current market. Since drastic differences might exist in the valuation of antique cars, it is always recommended and sometimes mandatory to perform a vehicle appraisal to get the best car insurance Kingston CA has to offer. 

The type of policy you will receive from a classic car insurance provider is also based on the usage of your classic car. This rule applies because different owners use a classic car differently, and the risks also vary. For example, if you use your car for a leisurely drive around the neighbourhood, you will receive a different quotation as compared to using the car strictly for vintage auto exhibitions. 

What are the types of cars that qualify for classic car insurance? 

As mentioned, the model year of manufacture, annual miles-driven features, and customizations determine the eligibility for prevailing classic car insurance. 

Here is a list of cars that generally qualify for this special insurance: 

  •     Antique and vintage cars
  •     Superiorly modified cars
  •     Vintage Motorsport vehicles
  •     Retired commercial cars
  •     Modern collector cars
  •     Classic military automobile
  •     Collector trailers

What are the qualification criteria for classic car insurance? 

Qualification criteria for classic car insurance include:

Driver eligibility 

Generally, you will need to maintain a clean driving record for three years to become eligible for classic car insurance. High-risk drivers having serious charges against them in the last three years might not be eligible for this special coverage. These charges include: 

  •     Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  •     At-fault accidents due to reckless driving.
  •     Multiple and frequent speed violation tickets.

Sometimes, defensive driving training might increase your chances of securing classic car insurance.  Additionally, you need to have a minimum of 10 years of driving experience. 

Classic car storage

How you store your car is also crucial for determining your classic car insurance eligibility. Preferable storage options include enclosed secure structures such as private garages, rental storage units or pole barns. Other storage options include carports, commercial parking garages, driveways and car hauling trailers.


The classic car should not be the primary vehicle for your regular usage. Insurance providers only offer coverage if your vehicle is used for strictly pleasure or leisure purposes.

Therefore, you can take it for a drive to special meetings, events, club shows and vintage car exhibitions. Additionally, you can take your car to the service centre for any required repair or maintenance. Some providers also consider specific kilometres you can drive while being covered under the insurance.

Presence of a regular use vehicle

  •     All family members with a valid driver’s licence must be on or have a daily use vehicle for regular driving requirements. The classic car cannot be used for completing daily chores, dropping kids to school, etc.
  •     Motorcycles and public transportation do not qualify as regular use vehicles.
  •     Additionally, you and the other licence holders must have generic auto insurance. 

What are the benefits of having classic car insurance? 

Classic car insurance offers two fundamental benefits:

The insurance premiums are comparatively low

Since your classic car usage is restricted and you don’t always need to drive it, the premiums are generally low. However, if the classic car is your regular-use primary car, you need to opt for regular auto insurance. 

Classic car policies function on an agreed value basis

If you already know the market value of your classic car, you can communicate with your insurance provider.  If a car becomes eligible for special insurance, you will need to provide an appraisal report for the Agreed Value Basis (ABV) agreement. ABV is critical to understand the value of your car since, for a vintage car, the market value might not actually depreciate over the years. 

However, some companies require a vehicle appraisal before sharing a quotation. In case your car gets completely damaged, the insurance provider will offer you the entire value. 


Although classic car insurance might be the best way to preserve your antique or vintage car, you might need to consider certain factors before purchasing insurance. 

You need to determine how you want to use your vehicle and if it qualifies for classic car coverage. With ambiguity and disparity surrounding the definition of classic cars, you might have a hard time finding the right insurer.  

It is best to consult an insurance professional who can help you find the right insurance providers.


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