Should You Install Roller Shutter Garage Doors?

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Roller doors are a popular type of garage door that many prefer over other models. This is due to their design, affordable cost, and other advantages. You may be interested in how to install a garage door opener, but you may not be sure about the type of garage door. In this article, we will tell you about all the features of roller shutter garage doors.

Roller Shutters Door Design

Roller shutters are a sheet consisting of narrow horizontal slats. Most often it is made of metal or PVC. The peculiarity of their design is compactness: when opened, the canvas is hidden in a special box, which is most often installed under the ceiling. So it does not interfere with either communications or movement, as, for example, in the case of sectional or swing gates.

The design of the rolling gate itself includes:

  • canvas;
  • two vertical guide rails;
  • a receiving shaft, on which the canvas is wound when the gate is raised;
  • a box where the rolled canvas is stored;
  • mechanical or automatic drive;
  • automatic or bolt locks.

The design itself is extremely simple, but there are features of their installation:

  • Overhead method. The shaft and guides are attached above the opening.
  • Internal way. The design is built directly into the wall, it is resorted to in cases where it is necessary to keep the appearance of the facade intact.
  • Ceiling installation. During installation, another lintel is formed, which is placed 40 cm below the main one and gives the facade an unusual and beautiful look.

Application of Roller Shutters Doors

Roller shutters are used in two areas:

  • Private sector. Most often, structures are used as an entrance gate to a garage located on the territory of a private house.
  • Industrial sector. Roller shutter garage doors are actively used in those places where the space in front of the opening is limited and it will not be possible to install a swing structure. They are also actively used to protect various retail outlets, restrict access to the basement floors of buildings, etc.

Differences Between Rolling Gates From Other Designs

If you are in doubt about choosing a garage door, it is worth comparing different models, taking into account the main characteristics.

Roller garage doors

  • Compactness. They do not interfere with communications under the ceiling, and do not take up space on the sides of the garage and in front of the opening.
  • Weight. Due to the lightness of the structure, no additional foundation is required.
  • Installation. Due to the simplicity of the design, you can install such doors yourself.
  • Price. One of the most affordable garage doors.

Sectional Garage Doors

  • Compactness. They require additional space under the ceiling, where the canvas is removed.
  • Weight. The canvas is quite light and does not require the installation of a reinforced foundation.
  • Installation. The design of the gate is quite complicated, it is necessary to install guides along which the canvas will be removed under the ceiling.
  • Price. Sectional doors are more expensive than their counterparts.

Swing Garage Doors

  • Compactness. They require space in front of the opening if the canvas opens forward, or inside the garage.
  • Weight. The weight of the canvas falls on the hinges, and therefore they must be strong and reliable.
  • Installation. The design of the gate allows you to install them yourself.
  • Price. The most inexpensive designs.

Sliding Garage Doors

  • Compactness. The door leaf also does not interfere with communications and does not take up space, because. is removed to the side.
  • Weight. This is a fairly heavy structure, which requires additional installation of a strong foundation.
  • Installation. They require a reinforced foundation, and therefore it is quite difficult to install them yourself.
  • Price. They occupy the middle price segment.

5 Reasons to Buy Roller Shutters

If you are still in doubt about whether you should buy rolling garage doors, let’s look at their advantages in more detail.

  1. Compactness. If your main goal is to free up the space in front of the gate as much as possible, then it is worth installing rolling gates, the canvas of which is hidden in a box and does not interfere with movement.
  2. Versatility. Roller shutter structures are suitable for installation in non-standard openings, including rather large openings, and therefore they are often used as industrial doors, where products of increased dimensions are required.
  3. Price. In terms of accessibility, roller shutters can compete only with swing gates.
  4. Ease of installation and maintenance. The simple and reliable design is easy to operate, easy to maintain, and maintainable – it is enough to replace damaged lamellas without having to buy a new canvas.
  5. Aesthetics. Due to the variety of colors, you can choose the gate for any exterior.

Possible Breakdowns of Rolling Garage Doors

The use of rolling garage doors does not exclude possible breakdowns. It is necessary to eliminate breakdowns in a timely manner in order to avoid worsening the situation.

Objects In The Doorway

Roller shutters are equipped with sensors that emit an invisible laser beam. If there is some obstacle in his way, then the roller shutters will not close. This is a great security device. It ensures that animals and small children are not harmed by the closing gate if they happen to be in the doorway.

Sensors Defective 

Roller shutters may not close due to defective or dirty sensors. Some problems you can fix yourself. First of all, check the cleanliness of the sensors. When dirty, they stop seeing the laser beam. Also, check the location of the sensors. They should be on the same level, strictly opposite each other.

Settings Changes

When installing roller shutters, the installer sets certain settings. Among them is the distance that the door must move to completely cover the opening. If these settings are lost, then the gate will either not close completely, or will quickly open again.

Damaged Springs And Cables

Springs and cables are used to make heavy garage doors easier to open and close. They prevent sudden and rapid slamming of the door. Pay attention to the condition of the springs and cables. If they are damaged, then such a problem cannot be fixed by hand. You will have to seek help from a professional.

Final Thoughts 

Roller shutters perfectly cope with their direct duties and are distinguished by balanced performance characteristics. Therefore, you can opt for this type of garage door if you want to save money and get a durable and durable product. If you are looking for garage doors and are interested in installing a garage door opener, we recommend that you contact STI Garage Door. The company provides services not only for installation but also for the repair of garage door openers.


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