How To Choose the Best Streaming Services For 2022

Streaming Services

The landscape of the media has changed with the evolution of television. After its origination, television has become the most common dispensing media. In the years that follow, be it news, documentaries, music, movies, and even ad commercials. Apart from becoming a prominent entertainment source, it has also given rise to visual marketing. However, with the emergence of the OTT player, the market has seen new players such as Netflix, Amazon prime, Voot, Apple TV, etc. With the introduction of Netflix in the OTT space, internet streaming has changed entirely. However, many new players have joined the marketplace. In recent years, online web series and movies have overtaken the entire television/cable industry. 

A large segment of people, especially youngsters, prefers these OTT services over television as it caters them to better movies, content, exclusive shows, and faster premieres. Due to the presence of so many streaming services across the globe, it has become complicated for people to select the best one.

You are at the right place if you need to be made aware of the OTT platform. Here in this article, we will go through the various 2022 streaming trends in the US that have completely changed the definition of the entertainment industry.

List Of The Best OTT Streaming Platforms 

You can access top-notch content without paying for cable with the best streaming options. These platforms consist of web series, cartoons, movies, documentaries etc. and are suitable for kids and adults. So, the list of best streaming channels are as follows:-


Netflix is the most popular premium video streaming service in the world that is available in almost every nation. When the streaming market began to take off in 2007, it was one of the pioneering companies and has gained hundreds of millions of users worldwide within a short span of time. Initially, Netflix established its streaming service using content licensed from other providers. In 2013, Netflix started paying for its original programmes. It offers a vast catalog of TV shows, original content and movies. You can access these on your smart television through streaming devices and even on your tablet or smartphone using the application for Android and iOS. It offers you different packages, from basic to peminum, with different price ranges, varying from $6.99 to $19.99 per month.

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Amazon Prime Videos

Prime Video is an OTT streaming service you can vail with an Amazon prime membership. However, if you do not own Amazon Prime, you could sign up for the prime videos on its own. It offers thousands of prime videos such as original programs, movies, TV series etc. This OTT streaming service currently has nearly 2100 shows and 24,000 movies to choose from. It also allows you to buy or rent additional TV episodes or movies that are not included in your subscription. The charges for Amazon Prime membership vary from $15 per month to $139 a year. However, if you only need prime videos, you can buy limited services at $9 per month. A 30-day free Amazon Prime trial, including Prime Video, is available to new subscribers. For any streaming service, that is one of the longest free trials. College students have an even more extended trial period and are eligible for a free six-month subscription.

You can keep your plan or cancel it after the trial time. To avoid paying for your subsequent month, you must discontinue your subscription before the trial period expires.


Hulu is an on-demand video streaming service that caters to their services in the USA. However, countries like Japan and Puerto Rico also allow their citizens to stream popular shows on this platform. In early 2021, the OTT services expanded globally via Walt Disney, which is also its parent country and had launched its offshoot services through Disney plus platform to their potential customers in Australia, Canada, the UK, asia pacific and western Europe. This application majorly focuses on streaming the latest TV shows from prominent network broadcasters, independent films, documentaries, blockbusters, and original content. It differs from the other OTT streaming platform as it enables its customers early access to popular series. This platform does not have hidden fees,  installation appointments or equipment rentals like cable. In 2019, it also permitted their users to download and watch content later.

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If you have a closer look at what’s been trending, paramount is one of the most prominent streaming services that has made its significant place in the kids’ entertainment space. It was initially launched in 2014 with TV subscription services. It is one of the unique OTT platforms as it provides content ro with the integrated ViacomCBS network that consists of the properties like Nickelodeon, paramount, BET, comedy central and MTV. However, viacomCBS owns the free TV streaming service.


According to the reports, 60% of adults in the USA watch subscription-based streaming platforms. One of the most suitable ways to choose the best OTT platform is to understand your choice, needs and budget. Also, pay attention to the pros and cons of the online streaming platform you want to go with. 

The best way to pick the right OTT platform is by taking the benefits of the free trials. This way, you can access all the platform’s premium features without paying your money. From this, you will also be able to check whether the platform is fulfilling your streaming goals. 



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