How can BJJ Improves Health and Physical Abilities

improves health and physical abilities

Bjj is the type of exercise that gives us a complete workout. It’s actually a complete work out of your heart, lungs, and muscles. When your body gets adaptive to this intense workout you may feel as if your fingers are getting sharper, muscles getting stronger and you will feel the overall change in your body. So, if you are trying to get yourself in shape, you must hit the session of martial arts which are so beneficial for your overall body fitness. Today we will inform you of several health benefits of BJJ on your body which includes, 

Cardiovascular health

Brazilian jiu-jitsu allows having improved heart health. You should practice cardiovascular exercise 3 to 5 days a week for 20 to 30 minutes. BJJ operates the heart muscles making them stronger and allow them to pump blood throughout your body more efficiently. When you practice martial arts in your daily life routine your heart and overall body muscles get stronger absorbing more oxygen, and nutrients carried by the blood. As a result of which your heart gets adaptive to an intense workout. 

Recent studies have shown that due to exercise a connection of body and blood vessels is developed and provides blood vessels more routes for the flow of blood. 

Body fitness and weight loss

BJJ is an intense aerobic workout. It helps in weight loss and provides your fitness. It also increases body strength and body endurance. Through BJJ you can burn a lot of extra calories, as it is an intense workout and triggers many groups of muscles. A typical single session of BJJ for an hour can burn around 500 calories. In this way, you can also lose fats from your abdominal region also. For your workout, we recommend you wear proper BJJ Gi attire for great performance and comfort. For those of you female fighters wearing lightweight women BJJ Gi’s attire are as important as attending the classes itself.

Improved focus and concentration

BJJ improves your focus and concentration, and it teaches you self-defense. You have to focus on opponent movements and then respond accordingly. In this way, your focus and concentration get improved. Besides that, there is a connection between confidence and peace of mind you learn through martial arts. 

Improved flexibility of the body

When you are new in BJJ some of the moves may be difficult for you at the beginning like the rubber guard. In rubber guard, you tend to use your shin and arm to have control over opponents. When you practice these moves your body becomes more flexible. Various stretching exercises also improve the flexibility of your body. Besides that yoga also helps to improve flexibility. 

Reduces blood pressure

If you are suffering from high blood pressure practicing martial arts will help you to fix this health issue, because it gives body endurance, provides strength and flexibility. 

Sleep in a better way

If you have troubled sleep then it can be fixed through martial arts. Besides that, it provides strength and conditioning to the body which will force your body and mind to stay peaceful during sleep.

Boosting your feel-good hormones.

When you punch a bag and sweat your brain releases a hormone called “oxytocin” which will make you feel good and happier. So if you have not tried martial arts yet, just hit the gym and join BJJ sessions or you can also join yoga, cross country skiing, and surfing.

Body strength and endurance

Martial arts work on body muscles making them stronger. Especially grappling works on overall body muscles. You can build strength and will notice the improvement in muscle tone. 

Arthritis and BJJ

People often get confused with arthritis and osteoporosis. And the difference between them is that one is wear and tear, as bones become fragile in old age and the other one is an autoimmune disorder. As the process of aging starts there is an imbalance and we can’t maintain equilibrium much. But practicing martial arts help in strengthening bones and joints.

Learn to control aggression

Martial arts make young adults and children learn how they can control their anger. When you give a punch on punching bags automatically you are taking out your aggression and frustration. It also brings a positive attitude and diminishes negativity. 


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