Top 5 Asian Countries With The Best Tea Flavors

Best Tea Flavors

Tea has a rich history that dates back to some 5000 years ago. Tea is the go-to thing and it comes second after water as the most consumed beverage on the planet. So, it is a no brainer that the world runs on tea. Many tales explain the origin of this beverage and whatever its truth is that tea is a staple in Asia. At its core, Best Tea Flavors and Asia are inseparable and it represents the identity, culture and politics of this continent. Here is a blog on Asian countries with best tea.

China. Being the origin of the beverage China is the biggest tea producer on the planet. China produces about a third of the world’s total production in the world weighing in at 2.4 million tons per year. The crop is primarily grown in some provinces including Zhejiang, Guangdong and Yunnan. China is the biggest exporter and grower of the beverage in the world. China has a special spot in the heart of tea lovers because various tea flavors are produced from this Asian tea giant. Nearly all the types of tea flavors are found in China including black, green, white, oolong, pu erh and biluochun. China’s domination on this beverage is because in this country they use it almost for everything from medication, refreshment to the social customs and identity of this country.

India. In case you are wondering where to go in Asia? India is the country to visit because it is the second-largest producer of the crop in the world and they consume 70% of what they produce. A whopping 1.3 tons are produced each year and this beverage has had an impact on the Indian people that it was named as a state drink. Masala chai is a combination of black flavored tea with milk, ginger, sugar, cardamom as well as an addition of other spices. In India, nearly every street is donned by chai wallahs who are street vendors selling the beverage. Darjeeling, Assam and Nigiri Hills are the main plantation areas where the beverage is grown, each region has its trademark flavor, and this adds to the variety of flavors you can get here.

Sri Lanka. Being the fourth-largest producer in the world and second-largest export of the beverage amounting to about 350000 tons each year. Ceylon tea is one produced from Sri Lanka and it is unlike what comes from other countries because the people of Sri Lanka have high regard for their product. There is a reason that Ceylon tea is regarded as the most extraordinary and finest because of the love, expertise and care that goes into producing the beverage. Sri Lanka is still stuck in the harder ways of producing the beverage and this has enabled them to remain among the top Asian tea producers. The seven signature green growing regions of Sri Lanka are Dimbula, Ruhuna, Nuwara Eliya, Uva, Sambaragamuwa, Uda Pussallawa and Kandy and the flavors range from mellow to full-bodied. Green plantations contour the highlands of this country and before indulging in a tasting at least you can have an idea of where the tea bags you take come from.

Japan. Eisai a Buddhist monk after his return from a pilgrimage in China he brought the first green plants to Japan. Many years later Japan has developed their rituals and rich traditions around this beverage. With at least six major green growing regions in Japan, the most famous regions are Shizuoka and Uji. There are various flavors produced from these regions and the one that is of the highest grade is the green flavor that has a deep chlorophyll resulting in a creamy, green hue and sweet flavor. In Japan the beverage is delicious, and it served when blended with roasted rice or jasmine. There is a Japanese culture that involves being served the beverage by a lady in kimono involving two flavors namely matcha or powdered green leaves. Japan has diversified the use of the green leaves that they are incorporated into ice cream, coffee and nodules.

Taiwan. The island of Taiwan has been growing this beverage for centuries and tales have it that the green leaves were first brought by Chinese traders. Taiwan’s climate favors the growth of the leaves and this has enabled the country to be among Asian countries with best tea. Dong Ding oolong is the most beloved flavor of this beverage and it is grown in the region of Nantou. The loose leaf tea is produced in a rather unique and time-consuming process and this makes it to be highly sought after by tea lovers globally.

Final Thoughts of Best Tea Flavors

Before you drink your special cup of tea, it is usually after a long, time-consuming process in manufacturing that results in your cup of the beverage. Thanks to online tea and coffee shop the majority of the consumers don’t know the process that the beverage undergoes before it arrives on their cups. Tea and coffee are among the most consumed beverages in the world and you can see the reason behind their popularity. So, the next time you enjoy your cup of beverage just remember the hassle and bustle it undergoes and take a large sip.


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