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History of Thanksgiving Day

History of Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving event is one of the best and biggest events in America. In every culture, the thanksgiving event celebrates differently. Thanksgiving is considered the national holiday in America that celebrated in the fourth week of November every year. The event is also referred to as the Harvest festival.

In native Americans first thanksgiving event took place in 1621.

They held a three-day feast in celebration for a good harvest in which local natives also participated. So that was the first thanksgiving event that was just a gathering.

This feast of thanks shows the modern Thanksgiving Day holiday. President Lincoln became the first president of proclaiming Thanksgiving day.

The legend of the First Thanksgiving

The title goes in a boat in 1620 that was filled with one hundred people across the Atlantic ocean. Many religious groups started to question about the Church of England as they want to separate it. The first winder was difficult because they arrived too late to grow the crops, and from these half, the colony died due to disease.

Well in spring Iroquois Indians taught how to grow maize and showed them other crops to grow in the soil. Moreover also told how to hunt and fish.

In 1621, in autumn, some beneficial crops were harvested in which barley, corn, beans, and pumpkins included. The colonists were very happy about that and planned a feast. So they invited the 90 members of the tribe and local Iroquius chief.

So the Native Americans came with the roasted deer with the turkeys. Moreover, the colonists learned how to cook cranberries and different other dishes. So after that now many colonists celebrate the autumn harvest with a thanks feast every year.

The second thanksgiving celebration was held in 1623 and prompted Governer Bradford as a religious fast. After that, it became common practice in New England.

Moreover, the continental congress set one or more days of thanksgiving in a year during the American Revolution. Furthermore, in the United States, George Washington issued the Thanksgiving day by the United States government in 1789. Some other presidencies also celebrated the thanksgiving days in their eras such as John Adams and James Madison.

Sarah Joseph Campaign

New York became the first state of America in 1817 that officially adopt the Thanksgiving holiday each year. A magazine editor and writer Sarah Joseph Hale launched a campaign in 1827 to establish a Thanksgiving as a national holiday. She published many editorials and sent to governors, politicians, and presidents.

Thanksgiving day was celebrated more than two centuries by individual colonies. So after so many requests of Sarah, in the middles of civil war, President Abraham Lincoln decided to hold national thanksgiving day in each November.

So Abraham decided to celebrate Thanksgiving in the lats on Thursday in November. Now the Thanksgiving day is celebrated last Thursday in November before a day of Black Friday.



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