Call of Duty Modern Warfare Weapons Is Getting Nerfed in coming days!

Call of Duty Modern

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is one of the famous and successful game. Gamers like so much this game; that’s why they got positive reviews.

However, many problems include the weapon. Some players are saying weapons should be the balance that is in the multiplayer. However, some also praise the weapons imbalancing.

The most famous weapons of the game are M4rifle and 725 shotgun. These are too powerful. Players are using a 725 gun as a sniper.  Plyers discover that this weapon is augmented with specialized equipment that actually acts like a sniper rifle.

The co-director Joe Cecot said that the changes in weapon tuning are coming in the future update. Due to these two weapons, very soon, these two weapons, 725 an M4, are broken guns that need to be nerfed.

It is a problem with the multiplayer.  Many complain that multiplayer maps benefit, and it has an aggressive playing style.

It is the Activision’s gem that made more than 600 million in sales. This sale was recorded in just three days, and that was better than any other call of duty generation.

Infinity Ward supports modern warfare for a long time with the Battle Pass system. It will add cosmetic rewards regularly. The battle pass is not available that will be live at the end of 2019.

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