High Rollers: A Look At The Lives Of Professional Gamblers


High rollers or whales are gamblers who make use of optimal strategies to make huge profits while playing at casinos. However, some of these whales are rich business merchants who have no care for the amount they lose. All they want is to have fun. In some cases, they may spend as much as millions of dollars at real money online casino sites. 

Now, casinos try not to be partial to any gambler. In the case of professional high-rolling punters, betting platforms give them a slightly higher preference. This comes as no surprise seeing as this set of people spend so much money at casinos. And by doing so, they make more money for the casinos every time they play. 

Furthermore, this special treatment does not end at the casino alone but also extends outside. Some ways high-rollers get pampered include: 

  • Luxury vacation 
  • Free tickets to casino and sports events 
  • Limousine services 
  • Free access to the casinos’ private jets 
  • Faster payouts and prioritized customer support 

For a better attempt at understanding high rollers, let’s look into the lives of some pro gamblers. Here we go! 

Robert Gorodetsky 

Popularly known as Big Rob, Robert is the perfect depiction of a Las Vegas high-roller. From losing huge amounts of money on a constant basis to recovering these losses back in large profits, Big Rob stakes millions on gambles. 

And due to his multiple wins, many approach him for gambling advice. This includes celebrities and other wealthy individuals. Furthermore, Rob stakes mainly in sports events. But he also ventures into blackjack and roulette games with his friends. 

On visiting his social media like his Instagram account, one cannot but notice posts featuring him with celebrities, pretty models, and athletes. One would also see photos of him playing casino games with other celebs. 

From his success as a professional gambler, Big Rob lives in a luxury suite at the Aria Resort & Casino. And as his mini-office, Rob uses the high-limit lounge to plan his gameplay and strategies. 

Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian is another successful professional punter whose main source of wealth is high-stakes poker. His current net worth is $200 million. And he loves to flaunt his wealth via his lavish and extravagant lifestyle. Dan is also an actor who owns other businesses but he is known for being a poker pro player. 

Bilzerian owns numerous mansions in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and California. He also owns several rides as well as private jets. 

Paul Phua 

If you are a regular in the casino gambling world, you would have at some point heard the name, Wei Seng Paul Phua. He is widely known for his success as a professional poker player. Also, he is known for being a VIP junkets operator as well as a businessman. His mind-blowing success has thus earned him the reputation of being the world’s greatest punter and a gambling god in Asia. 

Paul Phua began his journey into the gambling world right from his childhood after he developed a passion for sports. However, it wasn’t until his forties that he began playing poker as a professional. And ever since, he has made more than $19 million while playing poker live at tournaments. His present net worth is estimated at $400 million. 

Phua’s success as a poker player is a result of him learning from top punters like Patrik Antonius, Phil Ivey, and Tom Dwan. In turn, he launched a website with the aim of tutoring and educating other upcoming punters. His success allows him to travel by private jet or first class, while living in luxurious accommodations. 


The lives of high-rolling gamblers leave very little to desire. However, remember that while the lives of pro gamblers may be tempting, gambling is not a source of income, it is only entertainment. Gamble responsibly. 


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