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Each and every one of us has probably been tasked to tabulate data at some point in our life. In which we were either taught or learned how to use Microsoft Excel but when sharing the final compilation of data, not everyone wants to see the extra rows and columns at the sides and at the bottom. Naturally, we would prefer for the final document to look neater and Convert Online.

This is where PDF (Portable Document Format) comes into play. It is a great way to store these types of files that no longer need any last-minute revisions and those that need to look presentable when shared and viewed by other people. Today, we will be talking more about Excel files and how to easily convert them into PDFs using tools online.

Digital Data Management

In this modern world era, almost all files have been shifted from the traditional pen and paper that we were all accustomed to, to digitally written or typed files and documents. Since technology is now utilized in most workplaces and schools, we are familiar with the common file formats that are widely preferred by the majority.

We all started first working with the Microsoft Office Tools which included Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. For this article, we will be focusing more on the Excel spreadsheet which is mostly used for data organization and calculations because of the grid of cells arranged in rows and columns. Excel is used mostly because it can easily arrange data sequentially according to the specific criteria that the user would prefer.

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Although Excel is a very flexible and useful tool especially for tabulating data, Microsoft Office Tools have had different versions from its first release date. Microsoft has been updating the versions of their tools and at times, files cannot be opened if it was initially made in a newer version and later, viewed on an older version. Therefore, most users convert their excel files to PDF.

PDF, on the other hand, is a more accessible file format for all operating systems or for any version of the software. Aside from its accessibility, PDFs are widely used nowadays for file sharing that no longer requires any editing because it is more of a read-only file. PDF is also used for the transfer of important files because users may opt to place a password on it.

Since PDF is the better format to share files with others, we will be teaching you how to convert Excel to PDF with just your gadget and a stable internet connection.

Converting Tools

There are numerous ways to convert files to different formats. There are applications that you would need to download and pay for while there are websites that offer the same service for free online. One website that provides a free converting service for users is and here are some of the awesome features that this website offers. 

Although a number of people may doubt the security when uploading their files online, this website ensures users of their privacy. Files uploaded on their website will be deleted after one hour to make sure that unauthorized people would not be able to take advantage of data from the uploaded files. The site also protects the quality of the file as it gets converted from one format to another. This is to avoid any further editing afterward.

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Aside from these features, the conversion process is just quick and easy which gives users more time to accomplish other things on their to-do list. This website can also be accessed through various types of operating systems and major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. 

How To Convert Online

Using, you can easily convert your excel files into a more distributable and neat file format which is the PDF. With just three simple steps, you can easily convert your files. The following steps are:

  1. Choose the file that you would like to convert or drag and drop it onto the designated area on the site.
  2. Once the upload is finished, the conversion process will immediately start.
  3. After the file has been converted, you now have the option to download your PDF file, save it through either Google Drive or Dropbox or share it via email.

Takeaway of Convert Online

Certain data need to be presented in tables and organized in rows and columns which makes Excel spreadsheets very practical for a lot of employees and students, alike. However, there are some hindrances in viewing Excel files across different systems, and now that you know more about converting excel files, sharing spreadsheets has never been easier!