Ten tips for the better health of your Labrador

Tips for better health of your Labrador

Dogs are among the coolest pets that one can have, and if you have a Labrador, then you have a pet with tremendously smart and high sniffing and smelling power which is about 10,000 times better than humans. Labrador is also the happiest and cherry dogs when proper attention and care is given to them. Labrador is a perfect family dog due to its non-military behaviour and less aggressive contempt. Usually, kids at home prefer this breed of dog because it suits the family the most and can be trained easily. Though there are some factors that determine the behaviour of your Labrador at situations or in general. A healthy dog is a happy dog, and the same implies with the Labrador, so here are Ten tips for the better health of your Labrador.

There are certain things that the owner need to keep in mind in order to ensure the proper health and behaviour of his/her Labrador pup or adult. Following these health tips when the Labrador is a month old help is a regulation of the practice, and even the dog is comfortable with the training method. Apart from general health tips, there are some measures that can ensure the happy and disciplined behaviour of your Labrador.

  1. Proper attention and understanding

By writing the above heading, we do not mean what you understand normally. When you bring a Labrador pup home, it considers you as its mother. Taking care of a dog pup like a mother is important because, at this, only the pup starts trusting and knowing you. If you just complete the necessities like formalities, then results will not be in your hand. Understanding and stabilizing the feeding cycles of the pup at an initial stage helps you understand the feeding pattern of the pup in future. Also, at this initial stage, you can train the pup slightly towards normal and basic habits. If you follow this method, then you’ll be able to develop an understanding with the dog and will be able to train it for habits like defecation.

2. The regular visit to the vet

Most people ignore this point after some initial and necessary vaccines. The vaccines at the starting for anti-rabies and other vaccines are important, but you must take your Labrador to the vet at least once in three months. This regular check-up by the net helps to understand the internal health status of the dog and if the sexual cycle of the dog is active or not. Vets also help in releasing the huge amounts of testosterone from male Labradors during the breeding season by advising the perfect opposite sex dog of the same breed. Dogs generally become aggressive during the breeding season and therefore, indulging them in breeding process at least once a year is important, and the vet can help you advise the tips for the same. In addition to vet checkups, you shouldn’t overlook pet insurance. There are many affordable options nowadays (check out Bivvy) so it’s definitely recommended, if you want to be prepared in case of potential emergencies.

3. Eating habits of the Labrador

Now eating habits is one of the most important points that the owner needs to take care of in order to maintain the proper health of the Labrador. Do not give the leftovers of your dining table to your Labrador. Set a proper time for a meal for the Labrador and do not entertain them with leftover scraps. Feeding an adult male or female Labrador three times a day is important for maintaining proper health. Be sure that you set up a balanced meal for the Labrador. Pedigree and other dog foods like raw mutton balls are healthy for the dog. Giving a non-vegetarian meal once a week is necessary to ensure proper protein intake. And if your family is a pure vegetarian, then you must feed the dog with proper protein dog food substitutes. 

4. Taking care of the outer fur of the Labrador

Fleas usually attack the dog skin, and it becomes exceedingly difficult for the dog to resist the itching caused by them, and they continuously keep on rubbing their outer skin. This problem could be problematic for the Labrador if not treated. Bathe your Labrador with proper soaps and medicine to kill the fleas. Maintaining healthy skin helps the dog feel good and happy. You must regularly check the dog for any such flea attack and immediately give medication to the skin of the dog.

5. Keep your Labrador away from unsuitable food

It is observed that many owners feed their dogs with dangerous food like very cold ice creams, soda containing drinks, soft drinks, junk food. Dogs can eat most of these fancy foods, but the owners must keep their Labrador away from them. Labrador may develop stomach problems is they are fed with such unsuitable foods. Avoid such kind of foods and instead feed your Labrador with mashed boiled eggs with milk for ensuring a rich protein diet. Such foods can also make your Labrador addict of them may compel them to force you to feed such foods regularly; therefore, it is better to avoid such foods.

6. Taking your Labrador for proper exercise and heat up

It is advisable to take your dog out of the house on a daily basis. This helps the dog is breathing in the fresh air, and the dog can also enjoy freedom for some time. Going for a walk in the morning or in the evening is advisable to ensure good health of the Labrador. Teaching basic exercises to the dog and making him sprint for some time regulates the blood in the body. This heating up increases the huger of the Labrador and helps him intake the food properly and completely.

7. Involve your family in a happy environment with the Labrador

Labrador is, by nature, a happy dog and can also feel distressed if proper attention is not given to him. Involving your family and friends in a friendly environment with the dog may help the dog feel more comfortable in case if you are out of the station and the dog’s responsibility is handed over to friend or family member. This practice makes the dog playful and happy.

8. Train your dog to keep away from dangerous home items

There are several home items like the gas stove, iron, window air conditioner or electric heater from which your Labrador must keep a safe distance. Coming in close contact with these items may harm your Labrador so train them to avoid these items and stay away from them.

9. Choosing the right shelter or kennel for the dog

Choosing the right sleeping place for the dog is necessary. If you can entertain your Labrador on your couches, then it is absolutely fine but if you want them to sleep somewhere else then get a proper soft foldable crate for your Labrador. This crate helps the dog in providing a better sleeping place and warmth too. Your Labrador is also facilitated with proper sleeping conditions with this.

10. Keep in mind the changing seasons while taking care of your Labrador

Different season requires a different kind of care for the Labrador. If you reside in a place where winters are harsh, then you must put on a warm dog suit on your Labrador to make sure that cold does not engulf him. Similarly, in the summer season, make sure that your dog remains under a fan or a cooler.


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