Benefits of CBD Cream for Muscle Recovery After Sports

CBD Cream

Sports can strengthen your bones and muscles, aid weight management, and improve brain health. However, intense workouts can cause muscle pain, stiffness, swelling, tenderness, and aches. These are symptoms of workout muscle fatigue. Therefore, you need an effective recovery process to obtain your workout goals. Based on science, CBD cream can have a positive impact on your workout routine. The right cannabidiol cream will help with muscle relaxation and muscle tension alleviation. Below are the benefits of CBD cream on muscle recovery:

Helps Prevent Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness 

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness can also be termed as DOMS. It’s the main culprit for muscle soreness and pain, especially after a workout. This condition can impact your workout routine negatively. There are various signs and symptoms of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness: 

  • Swelling in the affected muscles 
  • Muscle fatigue 
  • Reduced motion range due to muscle pain and stiffness 
  • Muscle tenderness 
  • Loss of muscle strength 

CBD cream and balms like these interacts with your endocannabinoid system to activate receptors in your brain. CB1 receptor alters pain perception, making it easier for an athlete to handle severe pain. Subsequent inflammation of muscle tissues and microscopic tears are the major factor that causes pain after an intense workout. Cannabidiol cream is an ideal product to minimize the effects of DOMS. 

Prevent Damage to Surrounding Healthy Muscles 

Sports can cause muscle inflammation, which signifies tissue damage or injury. There are various factors that can lead to inflammation after working out, such as repetitive motion, heat, toxins, and bacteria. Cells in damaged tissues release chemicals like bradykinin, prostaglandins, histamine, etc. These chemicals play a major role in the muscle recovery process. However, the unregulated production of cytokines can cause cytokine storms, which can worsen inflammation. The right CBD product can stop the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, thus preventing the spread of inflammation. 

Muscle Relaxation 

Intense workouts and sports can lead to painful joints and stiff muscles. The right cannabidiol cream may help with muscle relaxation. CBD products interact with the endocannabinoid system, which regulates various bodily processes, such as muscle function. Based on science, activation of CB1 receptors can stimulate muscle oxygen consumption and metabolism. In addition, CBD cream can increase the production of hormones that induce muscle rigidity and spasms. Relaxing your muscles is a great way to improve your athletic performance.

Reduces Mild Inflammation 

CBD can influence endocannabinoid receptor activity, thus reducing mild inflammation. The CB receptors play a key role in mediating inflammatory pain. Based on research, activation of the CB1 receptors can reduce inflammation. Properties in cannabidiol products inhibit inflammatory hypersensitivity. In addition, CB2 receptors can offer therapeutic effects, thus managing inflammatory pain.

Alleviate Muscle Spasms and Tension

There are various aspects that can lead to muscle spasms and tension after workouts, such as muscle fatigue, stress, muscle pain, and repetitive motion. Cannabidiol cream is the best solution to muscle tension and spasms. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system to influence muscle function. According to science, the endocannabinoid system controls various processes, such as the sleep cycle, reproduction, muscle function, appetite, and body temperature. Low cannabinoid levels in the body can lead to clinical endocannabinoid deficiency. CBD cream can influence CB receptors to reduce muscle tension and improve endocannabinoid signaling.

Boost the Quality of Sleep

Sleep can help with muscle recovery. For instance, adequate sleep after an intense workout can aid muscle fiber regeneration. Scientifically, CBD products stimulate the secretion of mood and sleep-enhancing hormones, such as melatonin and serotonin. A healthy human body should produce melatonin naturally. In addition, increases serotonin, the levels of melatonin in the body. On the contrary, CBD products have no effect on serotonin levels, but they influence chemical receptors in utilizing serotonin in the system. High serotonin levels may manage anxiety, thus increasing the quality of your sleep. Most muscle healing processes occur during rest; therefore, using CBD cream to increase sleep quality will help with muscle recovery.

Promotes Mobility of the Body

Aching joints and sore muscles can affect an athlete’s range of motion. The human body uses inflammation to repair worn-out muscles. CBD cream contains powerful antioxidants, which reduce inflammation that results from tissue damage. This can increase athlete performance due to an increased range of motion. 


CBD cream can help athletes with muscle recovery after intense workouts. It can improve the quality of sleep, reduce inflammation, manage pain, alleviate muscle tension, and increase the range of motion. 


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