American Gene Technology Claims to Cure HIV/AIDS with drug Gene Therapy!

Hiv Cure

American Gene technologies discover a new gene therapy drug to cure HIV. Maryland medical companies submitted an application to U.S food drug and administration for gene therapy that says it can eliminate HIV.

American Gene Technologies is a Rockville based medical research company. It starts gene therapy trials to eliminate HIV. This program is called AGT103-T, which is a single dose and lentiviral vector-based therapy.

According to AGT, this drug removes infected cells from the body. Moreover, it decreases antiretroviral treatment in HIV positive patients. If it proves better results, then the company will start the human trail.

Chief officer C.David Paiza said, the treatment of HIV/AIDS with an innovative cell and gene therapy that reconstitutes immunity to HIV and control the virus.

According to a  report of NewNowNex, a researcher in Europe made a headline when two HIV positive patients cure after obtaining bone marrow transplants from donors.

It was a second or third time when doctors were successful in treating HIV patients via bone marrow transplant in this modern medicine era.

However, a professor of medicine at Harvard medical school and Massachusetts, Kenneth Freedberg said to NewNowNext that it is not so useful strategy for HIV treatment for most of the majority.

Moreover, he explained that a bone marrow transplant could be toxic and life-threatening intervention. However, there are no more treatment options available, and it puts the risk of infections and toxicity.

Communities must take preventive measures against new infections in which daily use of pre-exposure prophylaxis is included. It is a life-saving HIV prevention drug that quiet popular among bisexual, gay, and queer men.

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In the United States Prophylaxis is available as Truvada manufactured by Gilead sciences.


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