A Success For Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming
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We’ve been dealing with some strange times, as the world begins to see recovery signs as the spread of the coronavirus slows a great number of businesses have been struggling and showing signs they might not come through the other side, but we’re also seeing other markets that have been extremely resilient and also finding growth.

The growth can largely be attributed to a growing audience – with so many new players being stuck at home during lockdown measures, it stands to reason that growth would be found. It has already been suggested that mobile gaming makes up over half of the entire gaming market with that projected growth year on year, the current pandemic may have accelerated that growth. Alongside a growing audience, part of the success can also be attributed to a changing audience – the market is quickly moving away from a core of young teen male gamers as the base, and an unlikely audience is stepping in as primarily women gamers over the age of 34 make up the numbers. This change has also led to an evolving genre balance, the most popular has always been found in puzzle and action games, but as these newer players come with a disposable income, change is being seen as betting and gambling sites have started becoming increasingly popular. 

There have been efforts to combat this, however, as these gambling sites trustedcasinos360.com have become more popular. A recent ban on credit card betting had been put in place within the UK to reduce the number of problem gamblers that had been growing in the country during this period of time, alongside the introduction of a self-inclusion scheme called Gamstop which prevents some players from participating in these sites – there are other options available, however, which may contribute to the success. A number of sites registered outside of the UK here aren’t subject to the credit card ban and Gamstop, and provide a place for players with other options too.

It’ll take a little time until the data for changes that have happened in the mobile gaming market to be seen, but as mentioned it is expected that the projected growth will accelerate due to this increased amount of activity – the next step will be to see what happens when lockdown efforts end entirely and the world returns to ‘normal’ or whatever the new normal may be – there are hopes that the increased number of new players will remain as a new hobby in gaming is found, but it is also expected that a small drop will occur as those who may have only been playing to fill some time return to their usual daily schedule. Whatever the change may be, mobile gaming has found huge success in a time where many others have struggled, and if anything goes a long way to showing how well the market is prepared for handling a growing audience across a wide range of devices, tackling many of the barriers impacting other gaming markets.


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