8 things you need to have in your survival kit

8 things you need to have in your survival kit

If there is anything the last few months has taught us is that natural calamities occur at any time. A lot has happened like flooding and the natural disaster that has caused the division of families and friends. Having the right survival kit is all that is needed in such trying times.

A lot of people have abandoned their kits but it is time to dig them out and make sure that everything is set and in the right place. Test all the items if they are working properly because non-functioning tools won’t do you any good.

The following are the items that you should have in your survival kit in case of any emergency.

1. The pack 

People tend to economize when it comes to the survival pack forgetting it is a very important tool. The pack should be kept in a very clean place. Its longevity should be remarkable, it should also be of high quality and more importantly, it should be a comfortable pack.

The survival pack is essential while travelling so in case you want to carry it for a longer period, avoid keeping it in a suitcase. Also, make sure everyone in the family has a survival kit of their own.

2. Food and water

Food and water is one of the most essential things you should have in your survival kit. You should have durable bottles that carry enough water for every person every day. Don’t forget that these bottles degrade over time and as a result spoiling the water. Make sure what is carried inside the bottles is designed to stay for a longer period of time.

Make sure you have enough food for every person for up to 3 days. The type of food that is recommended is the type that has a lot of calories and is highly nutritious to give you a lot of energy.

3. Medical supplies

In case of any medical emergency, some medical supplies are essential for you and you family. The top picks you should start with are painkillers, allergy relief medicine and anti-nausea medicine. Don’t forget to carry any individual medication for every person in your family and most importantly an inhaler if any of your family members suffer from asthma.

This survival kit should also include a first aid kit that has every tool in case of any medical attention. The kit should never lack bandages, burn creams and antiseptic wipes.

4. Plate carriers

Have you ever thought of having an added protection in your survival kit? A plate carrier vest guarantees safety in case you are out there hunting while camping. They provide safety in a place where guns are highly used. They also have the potential to save your life and make you feel comfortable while you are out there saving lives.

There are various types of plate carriers and in case you are planning to purchase one, visit https://nativecompass.com/best-plate-carrier/ for more information.

5. Money

Money is a very important item that you should always spare in your survival kit. Having cash with you means you can purchase more items that are in your first aid kit, more food and water in case they run out, more medical supplies if the ones you have is less and can buy you anything else you need.

Not only should you have money in your credit but also in your pocket as liquid cash in case there is a power cut off.

6. Hard goods

There are a lot of hard goods that should be present in your survival kit such as a torch in case there is a power cutoff, a fire starter kept in a waterproof item, a well-built multi-tool bag that includes screwdrivers, pliers, folding blades, and thin long tweezers. A pen and a book is also important to note down some information.

Don’t forget to carry a strong knife. It could be of help in cutting out items such as wood and performing first aid.

7. Clothing

Clothes should be kept in a waterproof bag to make sure they stay dry. The types of clothes you are supposed to carry will always vary with different locations you would like to visit and also in different conditions. Wool socks, a hat and a pair of gloves should never lack in your survival kit.

8. Sleep system

This is the most basic item that you should have in your survival kit. It should be complex in case the rain starts. A lot of people prefer having a full-sized standing tent with an inflatable sleeping bag. You should also be in a position where you are able to use your sleeping system to avoid the unthinkable from happening.

Set up your tent a few times to make sure your skills are nothing but perfect and also take time to familiarize yourself with your first aid kit to know perfectly well where everything is located.


Now more than ever it is the highest time to get prepared with your survival kit in case of any emergency that may happen such as the natural disaster that is worldwide. The above information will help you be prepared and put everything in order in case of any emergency.


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