4 Things To Know Before Starting Your Vaping Journey


Vaping has seen a surge in popularity amongst the general populace, especially among today’s youngsters, thanks to its hip vibe and purported advantages over conventional smoking. 

Are you considering joining the highly popular wave of vaping? It’s important that you make this decision consciously. The first step to this journey is knowing as much information as possible concerning vaping.  

To help you out, the following are some points you need to be aware of before getting into vaping. Read on. 

  • There Are Different Available Vaping Accessories You Can Choose From

Vaping is different compared to conventional smoking. It involves different accessories that work together to deliver the best experience to users like you. 

Some of the most common accessories include: 

  • E-liquid: It’s the liquid that’ll be heated to form vapor, which you’ll inhale. It comes in different flavors, from classic tobacco to fruity flavors. Further, you can buy Fruit Monster Vape online or in a vape store near you. 
  • Vape pen and mod: The devices through which you’ll inhale the vape.
  • Vape tank: It holds your e-liquid and comes in different sizes. If you want to control the amount you vape, adopt a small-sized vape tank. 
  • Vape charger: It charges your mod. Accompany a charger with several batteries. 
  • Travel bottles: They make traveling with your e-liquid easy. E-liquids often come in large glass bottles. Glass bottles will likely break during travel. On the other hand, it’s challenging to pour from a large container into your vape pen or mod. 

Ensure you find a reliable vendor to source your vaping accessories. Quality is key; you want to buy accessories that’ll last long and are from a reputable brand. 

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  • There Are Regulations Surrounding Vaping 

Akin to smoking tobacco, vaping is covered by different legislation. Before you dive into the vaping world, make sure you know and understand the different regulations concerning vaping.  

First and foremost, minors aren’t allowed to vape or buy accessories. Depending on the state where you’re living, individuals should be at least 18 or 21 years of age before they’re allowed to participate in vaping.   

Next, there are certain rules regarding where you’re allowed to do vaping. Some areas only allow vaping in limited public spaces. In others, you can’t vape in enclosed public areas like restaurants and shops.   

It’s important to note that vaping laws differ from state to state. Therefore, find out what laws are being enforced in your locality and religiously adhere to them. If you love traveling between states, make sure that you study the different local regulations concerning vaping in your destination. 

  • There’s Basic Etiquette Concerning Vaping

If you’re around other people or in public, keep in mind that you need to follow basic vaping etiquette to avoid offending them. This is done to be mindful of others that aren’t very keen on keeping up with vaping. 

First, avoid puffing out vape smoke near someone to avoid secondhand smoke. This applies to indoor and outdoor spaces. If you’re indoors, for instance, at a restaurant that permits vaping, avoid vaping if you’re seated at a table or section adjacent to other restaurant goers. If you’re at a park, try to find a spot where no one’s around before proceeding with vaping. 

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Another important vaping etiquette is not to do vaping if children are nearby. It’s because there’s a possibility that the impact of vaping smoke on children is more intense than on adults. 

Overall, vaping etiquette is all about taking social responsibility and knowing that one’s actions can impact others. 

  • There Are Different Methods On How To Vape

Knowing how to vape before starting this journey is crucial to being safe at all times.  

Did you know that there are various ways to vape? Your vaping technique choice depends on the technique. 

One of the techniques is MTL (Mouth to Lung). It’s similar to smoking cigarettes. The vapor will pass through your mouth before getting to your lungs; it’s generally advised for beginners. 

The other technique is DLI (Direct Lung Inhalation). You’ll breathe in the vapor like you do air. It hits your lungs directly. This method is advised for experienced vapers.

Besides the two major vaping techniques, there are other variations. An example is the hybrid hit, a combination of MTL and DLI vaping.   


Before trying out vaping yourself, it’s generally recommended that you learn about it as much as possible. Luckily, this guide is here to help you out. It discusses the different aspects surrounding vaping, ranging from the multiple vaping accessories you need before you begin to the different vaping methods you can try. Keep the pieces of information above prior to attempting to vape for the very first time for a smooth and hassle-free experience.  


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