5 Tips to Enjoy Vaping Safely

Vaping Safely

Since their inception, vaping devices have come a long way in terms of functionality as well as safety. However, you still need to be careful and well-informed while enjoy vaping safely. This is because, if you end doing something wrong it can be dangerous for your health. So before you got to a vape shop, read this blog in order to start a safe journey. 

1. Hydration Is Imperative

Vaping can leave you dehydrated as it absorbs a lot of moisture from the body. Therefore, it is important to keep yourself safe by drinking a lot of water. If you vape frequently, then you should make it a habit of drinking a lot of water throughout the day. 

2. Understand The Battery 

Vaping devices are powered by Lithium-ion batteries that offer great performance as well as reliability. However, these batteries can turn out to be dangerous if you do not take care of them properly. Considering that these batteries are quite delicate, they can be mishandled. 

One of the biggest risks with batteries is overheating. Therefore, avoid keeping the batteries too close to the body or in hot areas. Additionally, it is also recommended not to use the batteries when they are too low on charge particularly in a mechanical mod.

3. Don’t Overheat The Mod 

The batteries are added inside the mod; therefore, overheating the mod can cause massive disaster. If you feel that the vape’s mod is getting too hot, then you should set it down and avoid using it until it cools back down. Using an overheated mod can result in batteries leaking harmful chemicals. This phenomenon is known as venting. It is recommended to place your mod in a place that can offer cool ventilation. 

4. Don’t Let The Juice Come In Contact With Your Skin 

The juice of the e-cigarette should be put into the refill cartridge of the e-cig, not on the skin. Although sometimes a little spill can happen, try your best to not let the juice touch your skin

Why? This is because our skin is like a sponge. So if the liquid touches your bare skin, it is going to absorb nicotine, which is highly concentrated. Excessive consumption of nicotine can result in side effects such as anxiety, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, etc. 

5. Don’t Put Anything In The Vape For The Sake Of Experiment 

Many people look online for advice on vaping and come across tons of suggestions that can be harmful. For instance, there are videos online where people are seen re-filling the mods with liquids that they are not supposed to add like hot sauce. 

The latter contains powerful spices, which can be harmful as when they are heated the spices can become stronger. This can result in throat irritation or even damage. Instead, stick to the liquids that are specially made to be added to the vape. 

Final Thoughts 

The aforementioned tips to enjoy vaping safely will certainly help in having a great vaping experience. It is important that you remain well-informed about the things that could go wrong in order to take mindful steps.


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