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(12) Papailoa Beach

LOCATION: (Recommended TOTAL Time at Location: 30 minutes. 5 min walk to beach camp site, 20 min at location, 5 min back.)

EPISODES FEATURED: Season's 1-6 (Starting at episode 1.12 "Whatever the Case May Be")

Below are highlights to match up with the video.

  • 1.12 "Whatever the Case May Be"
      • Losties move up the beach after tides take fuselage into water
  • 1.18 "Numbers"
      • Hurley asks Sayid about the numbers on Rousseau's Map
      • Note the big green bush behind the tent. Watch video for more info.
  • 2.20 "Two for the Road"
      • Jack tells Sawyer to give him the guns
      • Note the big tree directly behind Sawyer's tent. Watch video for more info.
  • 5.05 "This Place is Death"
      • Sayid and Charlie find drug plane while looking for Rousseau
      • This location is in between the big green bush where Sayid's tent was and the big tree where Sawyer's tent was.
  • 2.09 "What Kate Did"
      • Shannon's Funeral
      • Note the row of trees behind the group. Watch Video for more info
  • 3.03 "Further Instructions"
      • Locke builds a sweat lodge in Eko's Church
      • If you are facing the treeline this is located to the right of the grave yard. (note: church is no longer there. Watch video for more info)




***Note: Map is for parking, not location

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