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Waikane Pier

This pier, whose access is located on private property, is viewable from several public shoreside locations between Waiahole and Kualoa along Kane'ohe Bay on O'ahu's windward side. This location is filmed as the Pala Ferry pier used by The Others.


The access to the pier itself is located on private property protected by locked gates and dogs. Please respect the residents and do not trespass. We provide here several public areas from which you may clearly view the pier.

Kamehameha Hwy (Hwy 83), between Waiahole and Kualoa.

From Honolulu, take H1 West to the Likelike Hwy. Take Likelike through tunnels, then go into right lane to take Kahekili. Continue straight as it turns into Kamehameha Hwy, and continue past the Hygenic mart and Waiahole Homestead Rd. and Waiahole Valley Road, then park at the grassy area, which is Waiahole Beach Park. Orchids of Waiahole will be on your left. You may also pass the grassy area into the shaded narrower beach area, from which you can obtain a slightly closer view.

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Lost Virtual Tour

Quicktime Virtual Reality. The Pier is on the right, and Chinaman's Hat to the left.

Panoramic photo of the same view.

A closer view of the pier from the grassy field.

In this view, Chinaman's Hat is briefly visible. It is also partially obscured but briefly visible earlier in the scene behind Zeke/Tom's shoulder (below) as the boat first arrives. Chinaman's Hat also appears in Episode 1x17 ...In Translation, in the view from nearby Moli'i Fishpond.

This view is from the beach park immediately after the grassy field above. The "Chinaman's Hat" island is also visible.

Chinaman's Hat is even more briefly and only partially visible here. M.C. Gainey, the actor who portrays Tom (with the beard), is almost certainly placed on a mark to intentionally obscure Chinaman's Hat. He probably turned his shoulder just a fraction too far, revealing the second island, which is not visible in any of the other wide shots of the water in this scene.
Episode 3x02 The Glass Ballerina
Lost Virtual Tour

Off shore of Sayid's smoke signal

A view from the grass field at Waiahole Beach Park; the pier is visible below the mountains.

Lost Virtual Tour

1. Driving North on Kamehameha Hwy, you will pass over the small stream bridge shown here at center before the road curves left as you arrive at Waiahole Beach Park, the first viewing location of the pier.

2. Waiahole Beach Park, and the Waikane pier in the background at right.

3. One viewing location is across from this orchid retailer on the left Kamehameha Hwy (83).

4. Directly across from the orchid retailer on the right of the road is a grassy field. The pier is visible by the trees and mountains. Note Chinaman's Hat island (called Mokoli'i in Hawaiian, meaning "Little Lizard") to the right. The jungle area of Waiahole Beach Park to the left of the field (not pictured), is also a filming location.

4. Driving just slightly further, immediately past Waiahole Beach Park field is a shaded picnic area with trees and an even closer view of the Waikane pier. This is the closest public viewing point for the pier.
Lost Virtual Tour: Filming Day

Note: Lost Virtual Tour has a strict no-spoiler policy. These images from the day of filming were not posted until after the broadcast of this episode!

Base camp in the field on the day of filming episode
3x02 The Glass Ballerina

The field has temporarily become a crew parking lot. The white crew production trailers are visible in the background.

A view from the grass field at Waiahole Beach Park; the pier is visible below the mountains.

A wider view of the same photo. The Lost film crew and various boats are also visible. Several other curious onlookers were also nearby snapping photos, as the white trailers of the Lost base camp were an obvious sign of filming

The sailboat Mowee (depicting The Elizabeth) passes by Chinaman's Hat on its way to the pier.

A wider view with auxiliary Lost production boats visible. The pier is visible at far left. This view is from the grassy field at Waiahole Beach Park.

Filming of the night scenes of the pier and sailboat on the same day.

A wider view. This photograph was taken from the picnic area at the tree-lined area (#4 above) just beyond the grassy fields of Waiahole Beach Park.

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