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This fishpond on the windward side of O'ahu just east of Kualoa Beach Park is owned by Kualoa Ranch, who also own the Lost filming locations of Ka'a'awa Valley and the adjacent areas.


The property is owned by Kualoa Ranch, and access may be obtained via a 1) "Tropical Farms" Macadamia Nut Farm Outlet Hawaiian culture tour (just drive into the outlet and sign up, the tour is called the "Ali'i Tour"), 2) a larger Kualoa Ranch package, or via 3) Kos Hummer Tours. Options 2 and 3 also can provide more activities in Ka'a'awa Valley, and transportation from Waikiki if necessary. Option 1 includes a boat ride on the fishpond itself. Although there is a small retail shop, the main attractions here are the grounds and the wonderful staff who give cultural demonstrations and a tour of the gardens and fishpond; don't come here solely expecting any special insider products or prices on macadamia nut gifts. The 1 hour "Ali'i' Tour" is a bargain and is full of activities, and you'll see many of the Lost filming locations including the flower gardens, a boatride on the fishpond, and a fire knife demonstrate by Chief Sielu. The Ali'i Tour runs from 10:45am-4:00pm 7 days a week. Rservations at (808) 237-8508 or (808) 781-2474.

The photos on this page were taken while on Kos Hummer Tours. Kos Hummer Tours has filming locations and off-road tours through the Kualoa Ranch properties, and also provides a Lost filming locations tour package on request that easily provides the deepest and most comprehensive access to Lost filming locations within these properties..

Just before Kualoa Regional Park on the oceanside of Kalaniana'ole Hwy.

Ali'i Tour:
(808) 237-8508 or (808) 781-2474

Kualoa Ranch
(808) 237-8515

National Register: #
50 80-06-313

O'ahu Fishponds
From Honolulu/Waikiki, take H1 West to the Likelike Hwy. Take Likelike through tunnels, then move to the right lane to take Kahekili. Continue straight as it turns into Kamehameha Hwy (83). Continue past Waiahole Beach Park. Before the vegetation clears at the big left bend to Kualoa Regional Park, you will see a small white fence in the jungle on your left with the sign for "MACADAMIA Farm Outlet". See photo at the bottom of this page. Enter this driveway and park.

Thank you to Beth and Paul, who took photos of the submarine while on the
Kos 4x4 Hummer Movie Tour.

Kos Hummer Tour:

Lost Virtual Tour

The hills in the background look very unlike those in Hawai'i.

The hill is actually the windward side island known as Chinaman's Hat (Mokoli'i in Hawaiian, meaning "Little Lizard"), with the ocean horizon obscured by the thin but verdant borders of the fishpond depicting the beginning solid land. This island is also visible in the scene from Lost filming location Waikane Pier.

A wider view of the above

The same dock at an earlier date, decorated with railings and a shelter, for the filming of a feature film (probably You, Me and Dupree)

Quicktime Virtual Reality panorama from the dock, showing the expanse of the fish pond. The mountainside ridgeline is also recognizable from Eko's dream sequence in Episode 3x05 The Cost of Living.
Episode 2x10 The 23rd Psalm
Lost Virtual Tour

This stucture also lies on the Moli'i Gardens property.

The cantina logo is barely visible in the scene from Lost.

The line art designs from Eko's flashback are still visible

The front entrance used for Lost is no longer remains in its complete form. The inside has been repainted as well.

The corrugated iron back wall no longer exists.

Episode 5x07 The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham
Lost Virtual Tour
Episode 3x05 The Cost of Living
Lost Virtual Tour

Moli'i Gardens has several flower gardens. The background mountains also match.

The plantings may rotate, but there was red ginger to be found.

Similar trees are in the area, such as this one next to the Nigerian Bar location, so it is possible this exact tree is at Moli'i Gardens.
Episode 3x16 One of Us

Lost Virtual Tour: Filming

Note: Lost Virtual Tour has a strict no-spoiler policy. These images from the filming were not posted until after the broadcast of this episode!

Thank you the Kos 4x4 Hummer Movie Tour for these photos!

Episode 3x18 D.O.C.

Lost Virtual Tour: Filming

Note: Lost Virtual Tour has a strict no-spoiler policy. These images from the filming were not posted until after the broadcast of this episode!

Thank you to KOS Tours for sending us these locations!

A wider view of Jin's father's Korean residence reveals the same structure used as the bar in Nigeria:
Episode 3x20 The Man Behind the Curtain
Lost Virtual Tour

Note: Lost Virtual Tour has a strict no-spoiler policy. These images from the filming were not posted until after the broadcast of this episode!

Thank you to KOS Tours for sending us these photos!

Episode 5x12 Dead is Dead  
Episode 5x14 The Variable  
Episode 5x16 The Incident  
Episode 6x08 Recon  
Episode 6x10 The Package  
Episode 6x14 The Candidate  
Lost Virtual Tour

Look for this driveway with the "MACADAMIA Farm Outlet" sign while driving along Kalaniana'ole Hwy., just before

Park here at the main visitor's center.

Book your tour here at the Coconut Stand. Prices are inexpensive and you get many activities including the fishpond and gradens tour, as well as cultural demonstrations.

There are actually several docks along the fishpond coast. There is a fire-knife cultural presentation at the stage next to this dock when you take the Macadamia Nut Factory tour. The tour also goes out into the fishpond, as well as through the grounds of the gardens.

A view of Chinaman's Hat from adjacent Kualoa Beach park; one of the landmarks in flashbacks to Jin's father's fishing village in Korea.

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