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Manoa Valley Inn

This privately-operated in is nestled in the neighborhood behind the University of Hawai'i.

Mahalo to Theresa Wery, the owner of the Inn, for granting LVT permission to photograph the interior.

Do not disturb! The indoor film locations are in the private rooms of the owners, not guest areas.


Breaking News, October 16, 2006:
Our thoughts go out to Theresa Wery, owner of the Manoa Valley Inn, a multiple filming location for Lost. Wery had been gracious in allowing Lost Virtual Tour the privilege of photographing some of the private rooms that had been used for filming. The historic inn suffered structural damage and a collapsed stone chimney in the 6.7 quake on October 15. No one was hurt. (Link: KITV)

This historic O'ahu inn was built in 1912, and is composed of seven units and a cottage.

See the official website below for rates and photos of the rooms.

The owner of the Inn, Theresa Wery, related how the Lost film crew used nearly every room in the structure. Although only one or two rooms were being shot, the other rooms were used for equipment, as well as storage for all of the furniture that was moved out of the filming rooms. The crew basecamp and trailers were down the street around the corner in front of the University Of Hawaii Laboratory School on Metcalfe St.


Manoa Valley Inn

2001 Vancouver Drive
Honolulu, Hawai'i 96822

(808) 947-6019

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Lost Virtual Tour

Claire is taken to a psychic by her friend Rachel.

Claire meets with psychic Richard Malkin. Note the fireplace, the three-section window beyond it, and the doorway opposite the corner behind Malkin. Compare with the scene from Ep 2x12 (Fire + Water) filmed in the same corner, below.

This scene was filmed in the residents' private bedroom to the left of the entrance foyer.

Episode 2x12 Fire + Water
Lost Virtual Tour

Compare with the scene with the one Ep 2x10 (Raised by Another), above. This is the same room. The doorway that was behind psychic Richard Malkin is replaced by a fill in this scene-- note the moldings in the room are matching. The fireplace and three-section window are easily matched to that earlier scene, and the wallpaper is of course identical.

This scene was filmed in the residents' private bedroom to the left of the entrance foyer. Note the doorway at rear that had been filled in for this shooting, but not for the scene in 1x10, above.

The Pace residence in Charlie's dream sequence. Note the print of "The Baptism of Christ" by Verrochio.

This stairway is immediately to the left side upon entering the Inn.

This scene was filmed in the residents' private bedroom to the left of the entrance foyer. The door leads to the entrance hallway at the foot of the stairs. The door to the outside beyond that is the back door to the back lanai.

The piano was a prop brought in by the Lost production crew. The coatrack behind the piano was formerly a doorway, but was filled in for this scene. The owner of Manoa Valley Inn liked the change enough that it still stands filled today.

The butcher sequence was filmed in the bedroom, as above. Again, note the filled door behind Liam.
Episode 2x21 ?
Lost Virtual Tour

Charlotte Malkin at her home. Therefore we learn that Richard Malkin's office is probably in his home, in the Lost storyline.

The street number is from the real address of the filming location on Vancouver St. in Manoa Valley. This entrance is actually a different one from the one Charlotte Malkin is standing in front of in the screencap.

A wider view of the entrance.

Charlotte Malkin watches Mr. Eko leave.

Charlotte Malkin looked out from the kitchen windows of Manoa Valley Inn. The curtains were props brought by the Lost production crew.

A wider view of the kitchen windows.

The filming location of Eko's undertaker scene was revealed here first.

Father Eko visits the undertaker regarding Charlotte Malkin's miracle. The wallpaper is a giveaway, the imported skeleton notwithstanding. See also the view of the next room through the doorway.

This room is the owner's private dining room, found to the right of the entrance foyer. This view is looking towards the front face of the house, and the windows visible in the background through the doorway are the same kitchen windows from which Charlotte Malkin peeked out from in the same episode, above. To the left is a doorway that was filled in to serve as a window.

This is the doorway that was partially filled in to serve as a window.

The door behind Eko leads to the outdoor back lanai of Manoa Valley Inn.

A wider view.

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