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Ka'a'awa Valley
(Rope bridge)

This property, as well as much of the surrounding land reaching to other valleys, is owned by Kualoa Ranch. This valley is informally known as "Kualoa Valley" has served as filming location for Lost on numerous occassions as well for feature films such as Godzilla, Jurassic Park, and Pearl Harbor.

The rope bridge was constructed off the side of a real cliff, the other side being an artificial platform.

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This location is within Ka'a'a'wa Valley (informally known as Kualoa Valley), which is not open to the public.

These photos were taken while on Kos Hummer Tours, which provides access to these private locations on its off-road tours through the valley, and also provides a Lost filming locations package on request.

Lost Virtual Tour

The bridge posts from Lost's filming still remain.

The two halves of the gully and bridge were digitally composited.

Quicktime Virtual Reality object scene

Click and drag your mouse across right-to-left across this photo to see all around the cliff!

Episode 1x02 Pilot, Part 2
Lost Virtual Tour

A dirt road passes just under the "cliff". Note the white branches have been placed there by Lost's film crew. When examined closely, it is apparent these are supported by metal rods.

Here the foot of the cliff is visible at right. A road passes in front of here.

Directly opposite the cliff, there is a small flat area on the other side of the dirt road, then the hill continues rolling downward. The Lost production crew erected a structure on this side to serve as the other side of the suspended bridge.

This is a broad view of Ka'a'awa Valley from another vantage point, looking out toward the ocean. The eroded rope bridge cliff is visible in the center background.

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