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Honolulu Brewing & Malting Co. Building

Honolulu Brewing and Malting Company building was built in 1900 and brewed Primo Beer for decades. The brewery was shuttered in 1960, and was refurbished. Due to an error in the choice of a sealant chemical, the site remains unoccupied.


National Register 1972 #72000421

The building was designed in 1899 by an unknown New York architect, and the building was finished in 1900 for the Honolulu Brewing and Malting Company. The outer brick is an elaborate decorative facade, while the inner building is actually made of steel-frame concrete. The brewing closed in 1960. In 1996, with the intention of opening a retirement center, the structure was renovated at a cost of $28 M, but a wood sealing product that was used created a permanent stink that has rendered the strcutred uninhabitable. The building is not open to the public, and it is administrated by the HCDA (Hawai'i Community Development Agency), which is based in the former Gold Bond Building. The exterior of Charlie and Liam's studio was depicted by the alley behind Murphy's as Liam walks across the street to the One North King Gate, which served as the Brixton tube station

533 S. Queen St.
Honolulu, HI

On Queen St.'s makai side between Punchbowl Ave. and South St.

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Episode 2x12 Fire + Water Lost Virtual Tour

Note the shape of the windows and panes

Note the windows at center immediately below the sign.

The front facade is brick, seen here

However the rest of the building is steel-frame concrete.
Note the windows on the corner units.
Looking down Queen St. towards downtown.

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