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The Contemporary Museum at First Hawaiian Center

The First Hawaiian Center tower in downtown is the tallest building in Honolulu, located at the corner of King St. and Alakea, and the corporate headquarters of First Hawaiian Bank. The Contemporary Museum has a permament display in the tower, which was the Lost filming location.


Enter through the front doors pictured on the photo on the left. As you walk forward, you will pass through a short foyer area into the main bank lobby. The main tellers will be to your left, and the stairway seen in 1x14 will be to your right immediately as you enter.

Since 1996, The Contemporary Museum (of Makiki Heights) has a permanent exhibition space here, sponsored fully by First Hawaiian Bank. The display ranges from the ground floor banking hall, through the stairs to the second floor. The second floor upper mezannine is where Mr. Paik's office was created simply by placing a desk in the middle of the expansive upper landing.


The Contemporary Museum at First Hawaiian Center

The Contemporary Museum
at First Hawaiian Center
999 Bishop St.
Honolulu, HI 96813


Hours: See link below for updated hours. As of 6/2006, hours were:
M-Th 8:30am-4pm
Fri 8:30am - 6pm


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Episode 1x17 ...In Translation Lost Virtual Tour

Jin visits Mr. Paik's office. The art-glass wall at rear is composed of 185 prisms.

The office space was actually a desk simply dropped into the middle of the expansive mezzanine at the top of the staircase. Here it is occupied by sculptures in a seasonal art display from Makiki's The Contemporary Museum.

The staircase leading to the "office" is to the right side of the building as you enter; the teller lobby will be facing you from your left. Currently the staircase wall (not visible in our photo) also sported prints from The Contemporary Museum's art display, so the public was welcome to enter and browse these areas.
An outside view of some of the 185 glass prisms.
Episode 3x01 A Tale of Two Cities Lost Virtual Tour

Jack and Sarah were sitting on the mezannine balcony at center top. In the scene, the hanging wooden screens are visible behind them. The actual bank main teller lobby is below. This photo is taken from the stairway seen in Jin's flashback in Episode 1x17 ...In Translation, above.

Quicktime Virtual Reality Panorama.

As seen in this panorama, Jack and Sarah were sitting on the opposite side of the space on a higher floor. The bank teller lobby and building entrance is visible at the ground level. Jin's stairway from ...In Translation is also visible to the far left of the panorama.
Episode 3x16 One of Us Lost Virtual Tour

"Herarat Aviation", an anagram for "Earhart"

The counter on the left is the main front teller area of the bank

The stairway from the previous episodes is at rear, going from right up to left. The vertical panel at rear right is part of the hanging displays of the museum exhibit. The airport window view at rear was digitally added in postproduction.

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