You Season 2 Is On Its Way To Netflix: Have More Details!

You Season 2

Netflix’s series “You” is round the globe among the fans when they caught that the show is going to renew again for the second season. Moreover, the makers of the show also announced a premiere date. That’s fabulous!

Ever had a stalker who could impregnate your life without you noticing and can go to lengths you wouldn’t have imagined possible. Well, this show is about such a guy Joe. He has a wise observation and so much knowledge that he is capable of applying in troubleshooting and “you need a hero” moments.

There is a charm, depth, and darkness that makes him too good to be true. He has a mind of “Dexter” and knows how to clean up his tracks. But at the same time exposed and lands himself into near-disaster situations.

His love interest is reckless and is surrounded by exaggerated girls. She also has no idea how to straighten up her life. A lot of drama on her part which is toxicity for him but he breathes in that space well, somehow.

Overall, the show teaches you about obsession, selfishness and toxic relationships that you get addicted to. How you need to analyze such friendships, affairs and how to end them before they have consumed you.

Whereas You Season 2 will show you the Joe getting escape from his ex-girlfriend named Candace. He wants to get rid of this relationship and will end it with murder. However, fans of the show are getting more excited to see Joe falling in love once again with a new woman.

Star Cast For You Season 2

Furthermore, a final major cast has been announced by the show team for “You Season 2”. And it will include:

  • Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn
  • James Scully as Love’s brother Forty Quinn
  • Jenna Ortega as Ellie
  • Chris D’Elia as Henderson
  • Carmela Zumbado as Delilah Alves
  • Gotham’s Robin Lord Taylor as Will

Release Date For You Season 2

However, You Season 2 will entertain you with more twisty charm and entertainment. Fans are getting overloaded with their excitement as the premiere date is a little far from them. And all of you will have the show on-screen on 26th December 2019. I hope you will enjoy the second season of the series.


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