What are the Best Ways to Kill Time on Your Phone?

Ways to Kill Time

These days most of us are glued to our phones pretty much 24/7. An average Canadian spends around three hours a day actively on their phones, and that is not counting the voice activities. So, what are the best things to do on the phone when bored? While there is endless entertainment to be enjoyed in the form of for example funny cat videos, sometimes you might Ways to Kill Time on your phone in a more productive way. 

We have discussed a few fun and productive ways to spend time on your phone with the Canadian blogger Michelle Thomas, who is an expert on avoiding internet scams and schemes. You can read more about her. 

Best Way to Kill Time at Home 

When you get home after a hard day, you probably want to relax and take your mind off the daily grind. Your smartphone can help you do that, as you have access to all sorts of entertainment at your fingertips. You might choose to for example play some games to pass time on the phone. 

There are both free and real-money games available, but especially when playing with real money, choose the gaming site wisely. When you play on a properly licenced and trustworthy site, such as Casumo Canada, you can enjoy the games safely. Canadian customers are very welcome at this offshore casino which offers a nice welcome bonus package. 

Apart from games, you might want to use your free time at home by clearing your head and relax by meditating. There is a wealth of different meditation apps available, for example, Headspace and Calm, which can be tried out for free. Meditation can improve your quality of sleep in general, but you can also target this problem area with a separate app called Sleepfulness which is developed particularly to help you sleep. Getting a good rest is important to wake up full of energy to another productive day!

Ways to Kill Time at Work

Let’s face it – even if you are most of the time a dedicated worker, sometimes there may be dull moments at work when you are looking to kill time while waiting for the time to go home. That’s ok, especially if you use that time productively, like improving your skills. Maybe you can even explain to your boss that this particular skill will help you in your job!

How about learning a new language? In Canada knowing both English and French gives one a distinctive advantage in the job market, but it’s even better to know more languages, like Spanish or Mandarin. Apps such as Duolingo and Memrise are great ways to immerse yourself into a new language in a fun and playful way. The best part is that you can do it conveniently on your smartphone, even if you are still in the office. 

You can also study other subjects on mobile apps, like on Khan Academy, which offers courses on subjects like maths, science, arts and humanity. Would-be programmers can even learn to code with an app called Mimo. Whatever you are interested in learning new language, the chances are there’s an app for that, so use the downtime at the workplace to improve your skills – that way you don’t have to have a bad conscience for slacking off on the job!

Passing the Time While Commuting

What you can do on your phone while commuting depends greatly on your method of travelling. If you are taking, for example, a train or a bus, you can of course use your phone freely. However, if you have your hands on the wheel, it’s a whole different story. While driving, it can be very relaxing to listen to audiobooks. More and more Canadians are listening to books these days, and you can easily brighten up your commute by listening to a book on an app like Audible or Audiobooks.com. 

Another great hands-free activity you can use to have a free time pass while driving is listening to podcasts. Apps such as Spotify, Pocketcasts and Castbox offer a wide variety of podcasts on any topic you can think of, so whatever your interests are, you are sure to find something fascinating to listen to on the drive home. 


There are tons of ways you can use your smartphone to kill time. You can use it for fun, like playing games, for educational purposes, like learning a new language or you can just unwind and relax with a meditation or audiobook app.


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