What Happens When You Smoke Pure CBD Oil?

Smoke Pure CBD Oil

Smoking CBD won’t make you feel any psychoactive effects compared to its counterpart, THC. However, smoking cannabidiol has many other benefits in the body. Cannabinoid products have become increasingly popular overnight, with many users flooding to dispensaries to buy edibles, tinctures, oils, and pure CBD for vaping. 

Cannabidiol products have the main purpose of being absorbed within the bloodstream to be transported and connected to the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Once CBD is released into the body it connects with ECS which in return releases a series of signals. These signals communicate with certain parts of the body that will ultimately have a positive effect on symptoms from acute medical conditions. 

Why do people prefer smoking pure CBD oil over consuming edibles or tinctures? And what happens when you smoke or vape pure cannabidiol? Let’s look at the facts. 


Cannabis produces different chemicals that includes THC, CBN, CBC, and CBG.  Withing these chemicals are hundreds of compounds which includes terpenes, fatty acids, flavonoids, and cannabidiol. When you smoke cannabis in its natural form, you inhale a combination of all of these chemicals. This usually has a psychoactive effect on the body. 

Find out what really is in your weed cigarettes by watching this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iIENII-lVo

Researchers have found a way in which the different compounds can be isolated from each other. Eliminating the psychoactive effect and only allowing the body to feel the many benefits of the other compounds. Benefits that include pain relief, anxiety relief, anti-inflammation properties, and many other medicinal benefits. 

By using a series of extraction methods, developers can make concentrates that are rich in cannabinoids and has less than 0.3% of THC. Some cannabinoid extraction methods are so effective, that it eliminates all traces of THC. 

These concentrates can be found in a variety of forms including shatter, budder, wax, and oil. As well as a crystalline powder that is known as a pure CBD isolate which contains more than 99% of cannabidiols. Pure CBD shouldn’t be confused with CBD oils. Oils are digested through either placing it under the tongue, drinking it with tea, or rubbing it against the cheek. Whereas pure CBD is sold as a white powder. 

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How do I Smoke It?

CBD oil can be inhaled by using a vape pen, vaporizer, or e-cigarette. You can either mix the oil with your regular vape juice or smoke it as is. Depending on your required dosage. 

It is recommended that users don’t smoke more than 250 milligrams daily, and that they take only 3 inhalations from the e-cigarette every 30 minutes. 

Pure vs Full-spectrum

Smoking pure cannabidiol has many great advantages. Not only is it safe and unadulterated, but you will also be inhaling the highest cannabinoid concentrate than with any other cannabis products. 

The only difference between it and a full-spectrum product is that it doesn’t contain other compounds. Compounds such as terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and many others. Although it is still being researched, there is a theory that full-spectrum products have something called the ‘entourage effect’. Which means that all compounds work together to achieve better medical effects. 

When you browse the internet for a high-quality product you have to double check the extraction method, as well as the THC levels of the oil. It’s important to ensure your safety and that you don’t experience any side effects. Most online dispensary blogs offer at least one great post to read with loads of information on all cannabis products.

What Happens When I Smoke Pure Cannabidiol Oil? 

Most CBD users prefer smoking pure cannabidiol oil in their e-cigarettes, because the effect of the substance is felt immediately. Once inhaled, the compound is absorbed into the bloodstream within 10 seconds. It interacts with the endocannabinoid system which triggers a variety of different processes within the body. 

Enabling and improving the body’s natural homeostasis state also known as the internal balance. Users will feel a relieve from anxiety, pain, nerve cell damage, and inflammatory symptoms. 

Bioavailability of CBD being smoked is almost 60% and has a high effective rate that lasts up to 3 hours. Compared to edibles’ rate of 6% and an effective time of 5 days. 

Smoking pure CBD is definitely something to be considered if you want high effective rates quickly.


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