Veronica Mars Season 5: No Plans For Next Run Anytime Soon!

Veronica Mars Season 5

Veronica Mars Season 4 is courageous and more adult than in previous seasons. Although which direction it goes to from here is something only the writers know. It would like to have seen an ending that better left unanswered questions paving the way for a season 5. Fans have enjoyed season 4 as it ended at a very notable point. Therefore, everyone really hopes to see a season 5, where Veronica teams up with former deputy now FBI agent Leo D’Amato, who knows.

Critically speaking seasons one and two had a far different feel and look than season three where Veronica heads to college. The movie felt like it reclaimed some of the old Veronica Mars that season 3 seemed to lose. Season 4 while mostly good had a slightly disjointed feel in some places where plotlines seemed to just finish off the finish and re-appear without enough explanation, possibly due to the shorter 8 episode season length.

It would be nice if there is a season 5 that it has enough episodes to allow plot lines to run their course and characters to have a little more development but on the whole Veronica Mars Season 4 is a really good one.

But it has depressed the fans that the planning for season 5 has dropped down. However, CW is trying to revive the season recently. But the news has recently declared that there are no plans for the renewal for the fifth season. But when it will be confirmed to continue the season by Rob Thomas then I will inform you here later.


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