The Versatility of Wholesale Garlands for Event Decor


Using garlands is a simple and sophisticated way to decorate any event: from weddings to baby showers. These compositions look fresh for a long time and won’t fade during the day when your party lasts. Depending on the type of greenery and care, the garlands are stored for 4–7 days. Take a look at wholesale garlands by FiftyFlowers and find out how to care for them.

How Hand-Made Garlands by FiftyFlowers Are Created

Typically, compositions of greenery come in two types: garland and wreath. The most popular garland greenery is Baby’s Breath, Olive, Rosemary, Bay, Eucalyptus, Hypericum, Fern, Ivy, and Magnolia. They are used independently or combined with each other, flowers or twinkling lights.

Garlands are hand-made, and at FiftyFlowers, we make them one-sided. This means that one side is flatter and contains wire. Thanks to this design, the garland lies well on the surface (for example, on the table), doesn’t twist, and retains the given shape.

Garlands are great for the decoration of tables (they can become a part of centerpieces), chairs, railing, doors, aisles, walls, photo zones, and more.

5 Tips to Keep the Garland Fresh

As a rule, garlands are made of durable greenery — the one that can go without water for a comparatively long time. But it still needs proper care. Here are some rules that will help keep the composition fresh and attractive.

  1. Keep the garland in a cool place before the event. You will probably want to get the greenery a few days before your event to make sure the garland meets your expectations. Until you need it, put it in a cool place without sunlight (the basement is quite a suitable place, but don’t put the garland into the refrigerator).
  2. Spray it with water. When you get a garland, it may look dehydrated. This is normal. Spray it with water, and it will restore its freshness. Before decorating the hall, also sprinkle the greenery with water so that it absorbs moisture and looks attractive during the event.
  3. Put the stems in the water after the event. If you want to use the greenery again, you can disassemble the composition and put the stems in a vase.
  4. Use anti-desiccant spray. It is a special preserver that blocks moisture inside the leaves and doesn’t allow it to evaporate.
  5. Do not hang a garland near radiators or air conditioners that blow warm air. Sometimes, it is impossible to avoid this due to the design of the hall. In this case, try to sprinkle the greenery again during the event.

Wholesale Garlands by FiftyFlowers: Exquisite Decoration for Any Event

We guarantee that FiftyFlowers garlands will come to you fresh and in the design that you ordered. We make short compositions (5 to 50 feet) and long ones. If you need a garland over 50 feet, we will gladly fulfill your wish. In this case, the composition will be divided into sections of 25 feet for convenience and better storage. To add colors, choose fresh flowers from our store. Make your holiday exquisite with FiftyFlowers!


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