The Most Common Plastic Surgeries

Plastic Surgeries

The number of persons seeking plastic surgery services has increased globally in the last two decades. In 2018, the US recorded the highest number of individuals in the hunt for these services with a total of 4.3 million cases, followed closely by Brazil with a total of 2.3 million procedures.

In the same year, breast augmentation was the most sought-after cosmetic procedure, followed by liposuction. 

Here’s more on the four most common plastic surgeries today.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery that involves increasing the size and changing the shape of the breasts. It may involve the injection of fat extracted from other parts of the body or insertion of breast implants to achieve the desired results.

In case the breast’s size is increased, you can refer to the procedure as “breast implant surgery.” It’s essential to note breast reduction and breast lifts are not the same as breast augmentation. They are entirely different processes. 


As one grows older, the skin starts sagging and folding. Wrinkles develop on the face, and creases begin appearing on and under the lower lips. Fat is also displaced, causing one to experience the loss of muscle tone and excess skin on the chin. 

The best way of dealing with these problems is a facelift. It’s a plastic surgery procedure used to reduce deep creases, sagging skin, double chin or jowls in the face. The surgeon extracts excess skin from the hairline surrounding the ear during the procedure. The skin is then re-draped, and the fat re-sculpted to achieve the expected result. 

Depending on the desired results, one may combine this procedure with other processes such as eyelid surgery and brow lifts. This combination brings a better overall effect.


A rhinoplasty is also referred to as a nose job or nose reshaping. It’s a plastic surgery procedure that involves bringing the nose into balance with the rest of the face.

During the process, a surgeon refines part of the nose or reduces its size to improve appearance. Insurance covers may cater for the procedure’s charges, especially if the septum has deviated and is affecting breathing. 

The surgeon may combine other methods such as a facelift, eyelid shaping and forehead lift with rhinoplasty for a more appealing look. It’s advisable that one consults a reputable and experienced surgeon like Dr. Adam Basner, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Baltimore, for excellent plastic surgery results.


Liposuction is a surgical procedure that involves altering the shape of the body by removing excess fat deposits in different parts of the body. This procedure isn’t ideal for weight loss. 

These fats deposits are removed from underneath the skin using a pen-shaped instrument called a vacuum-suction canula. The surgeon may use ultrasound to break up the fat deposits before sucking them out. 

Typically, liposuction is done on the thighs, hips, stomach, arms, buttocks, face and back. The surgeon can use the procedure to reduce the rise of breasts in men and to remove lipoma (fat tumors). The procedure can be performed on different parts of the body on the same day.

Plastic Surgeries are Here to Stay!

According to iHealthcare Analysts, Inc., the demand for plastic surgeries is increasing each year. By 2027, the industry is projected to be worth $50.5 billion. Advancements in technology, a rise in medical tourism and more disposable income per capita are the main drivers for this demand. Does any of these procedures spike an interest in you? Well, always seek professional advice from your doctor before trying any plastic surgery procedure.


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