Reasons to Use Perc Bongs


Although it has been considered controversial for years, it turns out that smoking weed is not harmful. On the contrary, science has discovered many health benefits of medical marijuana and its moderate use. It’s an excellent way to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and improve mood, but also keeps some more severe diseases like arthritis and cancer under control. More details on the medical use of cannabis are in this source.

There are many ways to ingest cannabis, and one of the most popular and widespread is smoking. However, the smoke from the joint contains some by-products of combustion that can harm your lungs and airways. That’s why a healthier and cleaner way to smoke cannabis was designed – using bongs.

Bongs are handy devices that you use to smoke dried weed. Considering they work on the water pipe principle, the water in them actually serves as a filter for purifying the smoke. When passing through the liquid, the smoke becomes a smooth, cool vapor that’s easier on your airways. Although already functional enough, these accessories can have another handy add-on that acts as an additional filter. It’s a percolator.

What Is a Percolator and How Does It Work?


The original bongs were very simple and, as such, gave easy but sufficiently potent hits. Today’s smoking accessories have been improved by adding different types of percolators and diffusers. These are additional water chambers that allow the smoke to pass through them and touch the water with a larger surface. That enables better and faster cooling and makes weed vapor incredibly light and full of flavor.

Percolators come in a variety of forms and designs. Some are simple, like a regular pipe, while others have rather unusual shapes, like a tree, pineapple, or honeycomb. Logically, the more cells they have, the better the filtration. Smaller amounts of smoke go through these chambers and become even cleaner when purified through the water. Passing through all those sections diffuses and slows down your hits, making them very tasty and light.

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Make Your Hits Light and Effective

Bongs with percolators are a great thing for beginners but also for seasoned smokers who are well aware of the burning sensation in the throat after using an ordinary bong. This small but effective add-on is a great way to eliminate this unpleasant feeling and make smoking weed more enjoyable.

Just using a bong will give you more potent hits than, say, joints. Not to mention how much more pleasant the vapor from these smoking devices is for your respiratory tract. And with another level of filtration through percolators, voila – your hits are smooth yet strong enough to achieve the desired effect.

A common delusion is that using bongs with percs could make you way higher than regular smoking or vaping. The reason given is precisely that refinement, which supposedly removes all the substances that reconcile the effects of THC. Of course, that’s not true because water filtration only removes combustion by-products, such as tar, aflatoxins, and some heavy metals. All beneficial cannabis compounds remain in the vapor.

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Toxins Stay Away from Your Lungs

When you heat cannabis buds to 325-350°F (163-177°C), its resin turns into a vapor you inhale. But, every burning of weed releases smokes that, apart from the compounds you want in your body, also contains some by-products that can be harmful to your health. These are various toxins such as tar, irritants, and even carcinogenic substances.

You certainly don’t want any of that in your lungs. Then a bong enters the scene; not an ordinary one, but the one with an added percolator. Each additional filtration of weed smoke removes these toxins, that is, keeps them in the water. THC, CBD, terpenes, and other useful substances safely reach your airways, providing maximum benefits.

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Bongs allow you to take hits slowly, even when you take a deep breath. Considering there are no irritants in filtered vapors, smoking won’t cause coughing and an unpleasant burning sensation in the throat. Moreover, there is no need for deep inhaling and holding your breath because most of the cannabis compounds enter your body in the first few seconds of your hit.

You’ll Need Less Weed for Better Hits

Percolators are really a handy add-on that makes your smoking experience quite enjoyable. Since hits from perc bongs are very light and potent, you will need less dried weed to achieve the desired effect. Considering that quality cannabis buds are expensive, you will need a smaller quantity, and you’ll spend less money.

As said, using these devices won’t make you higher than usual. Water doesn’t retain THC or dilute it (no cannabinoid is water soluble). Still, a very small percentage may remain on the walls of this additional chamber. However, that’s a negligible amount and won’t make smoking any less pleasant. So you can try different strains and even mix them for the best smoking experience.

Customize Your Bong in Anyway You Like

Some perc bongs come with built-in percolators and diffusers, while others can be customized. This means that you can buy any perc you want and add it to your smoking accessory. The choice will depend on your preferences, as some percs provide a better smoking experience than others. Of course, take care that their joints match with your bong (female and male and vice versa).

Depending on the perc bong model, you can add one percolator or several. But you should take into account that you buy following your budget, but also your smoking habits. Don’t buy filters with too many chambers if you clean your bong only occasionally. Any deposits inside your smoking device and percolator will make your hits less enjoyable.

Percolators aren’t just a nice detail on your glass or silicate bong. They’re very functional and useful, making your hits clean, potent, and tasteful. And you can find some pretty good deals on the market. Just by adding this simple add-on to your bong, you can elevate your stoner experience to the next level.