How to be safe while re-entering public spaces in 2021

public spaces

After spending the majority of 2020 confined to your home, you are ready to get back to the outside world and resume living the way you used to before the pandemic. It is finally time to meet with friends you haven’t seen in months and share a meal with your family members and go public spaces. You haven’t visited your favourite stores in so long, and you are in dire need of a wardrobe upgrade.

 Thanks to the numerous food delivery services you never missed out on all the dishes you loved before 2020 and you never stopped experimenting with new cuisines. But you know it wasn’t the same as eating at your favourite spot, clicking Instagram-worthy photos of food served hot to you and sharing it with those sitting at your table. The year 2020 was so strange that eating at a restaurant has become a novelty, something people eagerly look forward to.

Before you confidently set foot in the outside world, ready to re-join the society, you must remember that you are still in the throes of the pandemic and not entirely safe yet. So, as someone concerned about themselves and the safety of those around, there are several precautions you must take.

Wear masks on public spaces

“Wear a mask” is the mantra repeated by all health officials since the pandemic began. Covering your mouth and nose with a fabric mask or a specialized N95 mask is the best way to stay safe while being around other individuals.  

Using a face mask is one of the easiest ways to reduce the chances of getting infected by the disease. It also prevents you from infecting others if you are asymptomatic or a carrier. When wearing a mask, remember to cover both your nose and mouth and not to touch it unnecessarily. Do not remove it when you need to talk to someone or when those around you take it off. Communicate while keeping the mask on.

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If you need to consume food, remove the mask altogether, and do not pull it down to beneath your chin. This might result in the virus from your exposed body parts latching on to the inside of your mask. This leaves them with an easy route to enter your internal organs. So when you need to uncover your face, remove it and keep it somewhere clean and safe.

Maintain distance on public spaces

Apart from wearing masks all the time, you must ensure maximum distance from those around you. This includes standing several feet away from the person in front of you in the supermarket line and waiting for the customer before you to check out the clothes in a specific section and leave before you enter that space.

During public spaces functions, check whether the seats are placed with a suitable distance between them. If they are not, ask the organizers to do the needful to keep everyone safe or sit a few chairs away from the other guests.

Refrain from physical contact

It is only natural to feel tempted to get close to your friends whom you haven’t seen in a while. But remember that you are risking both your and your friends’ health when you engage in physical gestures of affection. This means not taking part in hugs and handshakes and staying a few feet apart while catching up with them.

When taking pictures together, people tend to take off their masks and stand very close to each other. This is a dangerous practice that you must actively try to avoid. Even if those around you make light of safety precautions, keep your and your family’s safety in mind. 

Avoid peak hours

If you are looking forward to visiting any establishments such as shops or grocery stores, try to schedule your visit when you can expect the smallest number of customers. Even if you have planned out a picnic at a park with your family, choose an hour when there will be the least number of visitors in the area.

If you usually walk to your destinations, find routes taken by a lesser number of people as compared to the main roads or highways. This way, you reduce the chances of coming in contact with an infected individual even while outdoors.

Avoid touching surfaces

Being outdoors naturally means that you will have to interact with objects and surfaces touched by strangers. Remember to limit these interactions as much as possible. One of the best things to do during the pandemic is to use your own vehicle instead of public transport facilities. Besides coming into contact with numerous individuals you could have avoided otherwise, you will also be obliged to hold rails and seats touched upon by the other passengers.

When making purchases try to use digital wallets instead of cash. E-wallets that can be accessed on your phone can be used to quickly carry out payments without you handing over the money to someone or getting back your balance amount.

No matter the precautions you take and the alternate modes you choose, there is still a good chance of coming in contact with surfaces in public areas. In this case, the best thing to do is to use a hand sanitizer as quickly as possible and wash your hands thoroughly once you get home. If you were at a hair salon or at a clothing store trying on new outfits, taking a shower as soon as you reach home would be the best method to safeguard yourself and those around you. Wash the new clothes you purchase before you wear them.

Summing up

Following safety precautions is crucial not just to keep you safe. Being safe outside and sanitizing immediately after returning home will ensure that your loved ones staying indoors are also safe. You might be living with at-risk category individuals such as young children, grandparents or those suffering from serious illnesses. Every time you return home, you increase the risk of them coming in contact with the virus and suffering severe consequences. So, it is essential that you follow safety precautions for their sake too.


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