One Day At a Time Season 4: When Will the Production Start? Get to know all the details

One Day At A Time Season 4

Finally, there is good news after all the protest on twitter for One Day at a Time season 4. Now the season four has to get renewal status.

Fans are so excited and have lost their minds to watch their beloved show One day At a Time season 4. PopTv comes with a successful show for its fourth installment.

Netflix canceled the show after the third installment because the show got bad ratings. However, fans of the series started protesting and petitioning for the renewal of the show.

Well, POP TV came up for its fourth installment. It happened the first time that a cable network resued a canceled streaming show.

Now the one day at a time, season 4 will premiere on the cable network POpTv. It will contain 13 episodes. The show has got all legal rights like all other previous seasons.

PoP Tv announced this important news at the Culture Festival.  According to the cable network, it will come on screen in march 2020.

Fans are crazy now because just some months have left in their beloved show. The fourth season will air on PopTv and then repeat on CBS.

After that, another news came regarding the production of the show. According to reports, the two will commence production in January 2020.

The showrunner, Gloria Calderon Kellett, announced this news on twitter. According to him, the fourth season filming will start in 2020.

Brad Schwartz, who is the president of PopTV, also expressed his excitement for having this show. He said, ‘ How it would be amazing to involve with this brilliant and culturally significant series and deals with important themes.”

Moreover, he said Schitt’s Creek teaches us anything. It is a love and kindness that always wins.  It is one f the most praised series and now will bring more premium content.

So wait the new year that will come with the story of love, acceptance, inclusion, and diversity that put a smile on your face.


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