Know These 7 Benefits of Purchasing a Super Top-Up Mediclaim Policy

Super Top-Up Mediclaim Policy

suggests an exponential rise in medical expenses, leaving the common man looking for ways to procure financial security for medical expenses. The best mediclaim policy in India and top-up health covers offer much-needed health and financial support to people amid unexpected medical emergencies. 

Buying a super top-up mediclaim insurance provides the insured with additional coverage over and above that of the original health insurance. It gives the policyholders extra financial security as medical expenses continue to rise steadily every year. This article delves into the benefits of purchasing a super top-up mediclaim policy. 

  • Enhances the Health Insurance Coverage Amount

The most commonly known benefit of purchasing a super top-up mediclaim policy is that it allows policyholders to enhance the cover of their existing mediclaim policy. The need for enhancement of policy cover could arise due to changes in lifestyle, an additional family member, growing age, or the rise in medical expenses, amongst others. 

With the super top-up mediclaim policies, policyholders can make sure they enhance their existing cover to suit their changing needs. The best part, they can improve their coverage from anywhere, as they can be easily purchased online in a matter of minutes. 

  • Offers Greater Flexibility

Super top-up mediclaim policies offer greater flexibility through customisable benefits, several sum insured options and most importantly, the deductible option. This helps people in planning for super top-up covers according to their budget and medical needs while expanding their coverage. 

  • Covers Annual Health Check-ups

Annual health check-ups are advised by doctors across the globe because it helps people to monitor their body’s health conditions regularly. Such routine check-ups will help detect illnesses in the early stages, allowing for effective medical intervention before the illness takes over irrevocably. Mediclaim policies encourage policyholders to undergo regular health check-ups without worrying about the expenses involved.

  • Helps Save on Tax

The Income Tax Act of 1961 allows taxpayers to claim deductions in the tax payable. One of these provisions is Section 80D which allows taxpayers to claim deductions on the premium paid for medical insurance policies taken for themselves and their families. Taxpayers can claim up to INR 50,000 as tax deductions under Section 80D of the IT Act, and availing of a super top-up mediclaim policy will make the policyholder eligible for this deduction. 

  • Provides for Cashless Hospitalisation

Another benefit of purchasing a super top-up mediclaim policy is that it allows the insured to receive cashless hospitalisation benefits from network hospitals. What this means is that the insured can get hospitalised in any of the listed network hospitals associated with their insurance provider without worrying about arranging funds during any emergency.

The network hospital will raise and settle claims directly with the insurance company, allowing the insured to solely focus on recovery. Take note that a few medical procedures are excluded under mediclaim policies. Do check them before finalising the policy.

  • Involves No Sub-limits

A unique benefit of super top-up mediclaim policies is that they do not place any sub-limits on allied medical expenses like doctor’s fees, ICU charges, etc. This comprehensive cover without sub-limits ensures that every expense one could possibly incur in the event of hospitalisation is borne by the insurance company. However, you must check with the insurer for any conditions or clauses attached to this benefit.

  • Allows You to Reconsider

Getting into the details of any health insurance policy takes time. That’s why insurers offer a free-look period of 15 days during which you have the right to discuss any policy-related clause that you may disagree with. Especially in the care of super top-up health plans, a free-look period helps policyholders in understanding how the policy works.

Enhancing Your Health Insurance with the Right Insurer

Given the slew of health insurance plans available today, choosing the right one can be a challenging task. Care Health Insurance– one of the leading insurance providers– offers comprehensive health insurance policies for all types of medical needs. With a budget-friendly premium and wide coverage of network hospitals, Care Health Insurance helps you get the right coverage whether through base health covers or top-up plans. So, head to the insurer’s website to select the ideal plan that secures your health and finances without any hassle. 


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