How to Plan a Land-Based Casino Visit

Land-Based Casino Visit

Visiting a land-based casino can be a great addition to your online gambling, where you can, for example, play live casino Canada. A lot of casinos have organized and sometimes even free transportation for a group of people wanting to come and gamble. So, let’s go over some basics and how to plan a day trip to a land-based casino visit.

Initial Steps

Start by understanding how many people will be going to the casino. You can send an email or do a poll via Google forms. The best options are always for larger groups so try to assemble more people. 

Afterwards, do the research and go over the best options. You’ll see that every casino has its perks and differences. Some casinos will be formal whilst some more casual. Additionally, some casinos will have more games and possibly tournaments. Think about your location and if there is a casino near you or in Las Vegas or Atlantic City the best option. Will these casinos send free transport or is a chartered bus needed? What are their perks such as free meals, etc.? 


Planning and booking the best date should be done quickly. Usually, weekends are the best because people are free but the bus will cost more. However, if you can manage to get your group going on an off-weekend date, it is highly possible that the casino will provide you with more perks since they also have fewer visits during regular workdays. 

In terms of the trip and how long it is, plan ahead for stops and how long will they take. Where will the starting point be? 

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Once you have everything planned and the group has agreed to the terms, make the reservations. Do it quickly so that you don’t lose the place. As for the payment type, you may consider different payment methods including PayPal or Credit Cards. 

Be realistic and give a proper group size instead of giving a higher number because if the casinos expect 40 players and 15 arrive, there will be issues. 

Planning a group visit to a land-casino can be a semi-easy task if properly dealt with and on time. The visit can be a lot of fun with great memorable moments for the group.