Five good reasons to download sports betting apps


If you enjoy placing bets and following online sports betting tips but struggle to find the time to register an account, make predictions and watch the fixture live, we have an article that’s right up your street.

Mobile apps are the preferred option for today’s new breed of sports bettors. The online gambling industry has exploded in popularity over the last decade, but we have witnessed another huge surge in bets struck since 2018. That rapid rise coincides with the United States removing its long-running and often controversial ban on betting. 

Since then, we’ve seen many states cut through the red tape and permit residents and visitors to place bets on their favorite sports at legal and licensed bookmakers. It greatly impacted the bet slips recovered during the FIFA World Cup 2022. Qatar made history as the most bet-on soccer tournament ever staged. Live streaming offered by the leading gambling apps meant it was also the most-watched FIFA competition. 

Everyone’s covered

Soccer fans enjoyed a premium service during the first World Cup to be played in the Arab World, but online betting apps aren’t reserved for soccer fans. They can be used, enjoyed, and even benefit fans of all professional sports, including American Football and NFL, basketball and the NBA, ice hockey, and the NHL. If you love sports, enjoy making predictions on the outcome of your favorite events, and want to watch games on the move, we have a surprise for you in this article.

Our team of sports betting experts explains why downloading a betting app is a must if you are serious about enjoying live sports and placing wagers. A recent study into the habits of bettors showed more bets are placed using smartphone apps than websites and at land-based bookmakers combined. As you can imagine, the most successful and famous bookies have embraced the new way of doing things. They invested heavily in their gambling apps, producing stunning results.

Have you ever placed a bet on professional sports in the past using your mobile? If the answer to that question is no, this article will be handy. It may even change the way you place sportsbook bets forever. Read on as we bring you up to speed on what’s worth knowing about mobile betting. By the end of this page, you’ll know the attraction behind betting on your smartphone, how you can register for an account in just a few minutes, and the kind of sports markets you’ll find there. 

There’s even a fantastic and easy-to-follow step-by-step guide on getting your next mobile bet free of charge. You won’t want to miss that, with an industry insider sharing a well-kept secret on how you can claim as many free bets as you can handle.

Pros and cons of mobile betting


  • Bet from anywhere at the touch of a button
  • Sign-up and recieve a welcome bonus free bet
  • Gamble in-play on the top live sports
  • Cash out your bets when on the move
  • Watch sports on an HD-quality live stream


  • Too easy to place bets
  • Issues with problem gambling
  • Restricted regions

Bet from anywhere

When online gambling arrived, it changed the betting world forever. We were no longer required to leave the comfort of our warm home, braving the cold, rain, and snow to visit our local betting office. For some, that could be miles away. If you lived in the US until recently, it meant trekking across the land to visit Las Vegas. After the journey, you’d often spend more than you budgeted for on betting. 

Sports bettors thought they had it good, but there was one slight problem. You had to physically be at your desktop computer to place a bet on sports. We were tethered to a PC or laptop, but smartphone betting shook things up. Now all you need to wager on sports is a modern Android or iOS smartphone. Mobile betting cut the ties and allowed us to wager from anywhere, at any time, and on almost anything. A bet on the NFL, the NBA, and even politics is a click away.

Smartphone betting opens many windows of opportunity. If you are on the move and notice a sports fixture about to start, you can place a bet without breaking stride. Perhaps you watch the big match live on TV and notice an in-play gamble worth having. The great odds on offer aren’t going to wait for you to drive home, log in to your laptop, make a deposit and place a bet. Pull out your mobile, open your betting account and click the selection you wish to back. You’re on in an instant and can quickly return to watching the match, cheering your bet home.

Land a free bet now


There was a period when major sportsbooks wanted as many customers as possible to move from betting at land-based bookies and through the website to gambling using smartphones. That brought a welcome bonus that gave everyone who downloaded the app and gambled on a market with odds of +100 or better a free bet.

That did the job, encouraging millions to switch to smartphone betting. The bonus proved so popular that it was kept in place and adopted by almost every online bookie. It’s available today. Choose a major sportsbook and register an account. After placing your first bet, the bookie’s marketing team will drop a free bet into your account. 

The welcome bonus free bet – also known as the new customer promotion – can be used to place bets on any sport, competition, and selection available on the mobile app. Any winnings from the free bet are yours to keep and can be withdrawn to your bank. We’ll let you in on a little gambling secret. There’s no limit to how many betting apps you can join and how many free bets you can claim.

Gamble in-play for more value

The in-play betting feature allows sports fans to place bets on a fixture that has already begun. A soccer match would be a good example of in-play betting. The leading apps offer over 100 pre-match betting markets, including match winner, both teams to score and total goals. Many of these remain available to bet on throughout the 90 minutes.

If you watch a match and notice a pattern emerge, such as a striker having a few good attempts at goal, you may want to place an in-play bet on that player scoring the game’s next goal. The key to a good in-play bet is getting your stake down before the trader notices what you have and shortens the odds. In-play betting is unique in that it’s about placing winning bets and doing so at the right time to get the best odds.

Getting the best odds is about speed, so look for a bookie with a super-fast betting app. You need one quick enough to keep pace with an always-evolving match. There’s nothing more frustrating to an in-play bettor than missing out on the odds you want because your betting app was too slow. In this scenario, a lack of speed kills off good bets.

Cash-out bets when you’re not at home

The ability to cash out your bets, making a profit from a bet that goes on to be a loser, is awesome. If you haven’t tried this feature yet, we advise you to give it a shot. You will find the cash-out option available at most bookies. When you place a bet on sports using your smartphone or laptop, you’ll notice a cash-out value added to your bet slip. 

At first, this will equal your stake but will rise and fall depending on how well your selection performs. Suppose you place a five-team parlay for $10 with the potential payout at $1000. If four teams are winning and one is level approaching the end of the match, you may recieve an offer of around $300. Do you snap it up or let the bet ride in the hope all five selections come good, and you nab the top prize?

When using your smartphone to bet, you have that option. You can cash out at the touch of a button. It’s an instant decision; your online bets will be settled, and the profits due will be paid into your account. That wouldn’t be possible if you bet only on your laptop. Cash-out is another example of how smartphones fit betting around your life.

Enjoy sports on a live stream

We’ve saved the best for last. Only the top bookmakers offer a live streaming service to customers, but we strongly suggest betting with an app that offers this option. 

Turn everyday scenarios like the commute home from work into an opportunity to watch sports through an HD-quality live stream. In addition to the coverage, there are in-play betting odds, expert commentary, live scores from across the competition, and predictions. 

Mobile betting offers everything you need to bet on the match, watch the action, place an in-play bet, and even cash out for a profit.


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