FIFA 23 Weekend League highlights. What beginners need know


If you love football and want to feel your part in hosting matches for your favorite team, you should try FIFA 23 – professional football simulator, career mode and online confrontation with the best players.

The project from EA sports is distinguished by advanced graphics and physics of the behavior of football players, the flight of the ball, taking into account all factors and the reaction of spectators ato any changes on the football field, including significant and minor. The fans will whistle at the loss of the ball and shout and applaud the transition of their favorite team to the offensive.

The issue of getting strong performers to the team remains acute, because at the beginning of the game in FIFA Ultimate Team, each player receives random performers, and not real players who have contracts with the club at the moment in real football. This principle only works on the FUT – everything has remained unchanged in the career.

To form a strong and well-played team, you must immediately strive to get good players to your club, and FIFA coins and various gaming activities can help with this – like the FIFA Weekend League.

What is FIFA Weekend League

FIFA Weekend League is a tournament where all victories are counted towards rewards in the form of golden player cards, FIFA 23 coins and other useful items.

You need to participate in division matches, get into the FIFA Champions and win the required number of victories to move to the Weekend League, or order FUT Champions boosting from the Skycoach service.

Skycoach is a service that helps players get the necessary rare items and game currency and provides various upgrade and training services in most game projects, including FIFA 23.

A professional Skycoach player will log into your account, qualify and play all the required matches with a high win rate.

The entire process of passing the preparatory stage and the Weekend League itself can be tracked in real time on the Skycoach website, or go about your business – upon completion of the service, you will receive a notification and will be able to log into your account to check the result. Do not forget to change your password and leave feedback about the quality of the service received.

To ensure security, the service uses VPN and does not transfer customer data to third parties. All services are performed exclusively by Skycoach employees and the service guarantees the quality of all services and is ready to return the money in case of disputes.

How to take part in the FIFA Weekend League and go through all the preparatory stages

The Weekend League offers players a lot of prizes that are valuable for strengthening the composition of prizes, but in order to get them you have to go through a series of qualifications and selections, which also, by the way, are rewarded for the efforts of the player.

Division Rivals

All players start their journey in online football through a system of calibration. This is necessary to determine the level of the game and the selection of appropriate opponents during matches.

The first stage to qualify for the Weekend League starts with division games where you will play an unlimited number of matches against opponents and must score points. The calculation is issued every week and if you manage to score 1250 points, then you will get into the next stage of preparation for the weekend league – FIFA Champions.

Points are awarded for wins, losses and draws, so it will not be difficult for all players, even those who do not have strong lineups, to earn them.

It is worth recalling that the matches are held in a standard format – 90 minutes of playing time each, if the winner is not identified, then the match will end in a draw.

All players who score 1250 points or more at the end of the week will be admitted to FIFA Champions.

FIFA Champions

FIFA Champions is a preparatory qualification stage, without overcoming which it is impossible to get into the Weekend League.

The level of difficulty is higher here, as random opponents are selected without taking into account the division level and there are no draws in the matches – the duel will continue until one of the players wins through extra halves and a penalty shootout, if necessary.

You have to overcome the milestone of 10 matches and win at least 4 victories in order to advance to the next stage and participate in the main tournament of this weekend and qualify for the golden squads of players

Each stage and each victory in this mode will bring good rewards in the form of gold players and a pass to the next, more valuable stage. Even after winning 0 or 1 wins, you will receive an incentive prize in the form of golden performers and will already be able to strengthen your team, even with a total defeat on the football field.

All players who win at least 4 victories will get into the weekend league.

Weekend League

So you got to the most important event of this weekend and the reason for passing a series of qualifications and selections.

Weekend League is one of the most valuable ways to get gold packs, which will be especially useful for beginners when forming their first strong lineup, which will constantly improve and strengthen, but the backbone of performers will be formed.

You are waiting for 20 games in which, like in the Champions mode, a draw is impossible – everyone will play extra time and a penalty shoot-out if necessary.

Each victory will bring you closer to a new milestone, overcoming which you will receive the right to issue gold sets of players in various quantities.

The main plus of the mode is that even with a minimum of victories, you can get enough sets of players to significantly strengthen your game lineup, if you win at least half of the matches, then you can collect the main rewards and large packs of gold players that can be sold for FIFA coins, or use it to maximize your team’s speed in future matches.

Recommendations for the Weekend League mode and preparation matches for FIFA 23

If you regularly place well and win regularly in qualifying matches and in the event itself, you will be automatically invited to FIFA Champions next week, without having to re-qualify within the division.

If you know that you will not be able to achieve high results in the first couple and strengthen your team, then it is better to take the boosting service from the Skycoach service, at least for the first run, in order to get a quality upgrade of the game team and move towards promotions in the division and victories in tournaments, including Weekend League for FIFA 23.



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