DC Universe Has Announced Dark and Gritty Superhero Series “Titans” Coming For A Third Season!

Titans Season 3

The fantastic series of DC heroes are returning again for the third season. DC Universe announcing that this gritty and animated series of superheroes are going for the season 3.

This show is so amazing. From what I’ve watched it was a masterpiece and this is one of the best shows that have aired on Cartoon Network. Honestly, this isn’t only one of the best CN shows but it’s actually one of my favorite cartoons of all time.

Anyway, it has so many amazing elements as it offers what an enjoyable and memorable cartoon should require, great characters, nice stories, and awesome villains.

Fans are completely praising its anime-influenced style because the Titans looked so hot. There is a little crush on Robin because he looked so darn handsome in this series.

The show is mainly about 5 DC superhero teens whether they were sidekicks or their own heroes. The show is also about the kids living together despite their differences they tackling problems like love, puberty, heartbreak, and lots more stuff. There is also a story arc in the show.

The 5 heroes are Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven. These five protect Jump City and the world from those who want to threaten it. In some episodes, you might see other heroes to like Kid Flash, Aqua Lad, Speedy and more. Not only that but there are also villains some you might recognize and some maybe you won’t. Villains like Black fire, Jinx, Cinder-block, Dr. Light, Brother Blood, Slade (Deathstroke) and lots more.

However, the third season will premiere in 2020. I hope you will enjoy the series as always.


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