Burden Movie 2019 Trailer has Released, A true story of Mike Burden

burden movie trailer 2019

The burden is an upcoming movie, and its official trailer has released. It is a true drama story of Mike’s burden who opens the world-famous Redneck shop and KKK Museum. The trailer was shown at the Sundance Film Festival 2018.

The movie was set to release this year; however, now the decision has changed. The film will release in the next February.

I want to tell the more about the characters. Garret Hedlund will play the role of Mike Burden. He is a Klansman whose relationship with a single mother, and high school friend forces him to re-examine his beliefs. Moreover, in other stars, Andrea Riseborough, Forest Whitaker, Usher Raymond, Tom Wilkinson, and Tess Harper are included.

The movie gets excellent reviews and won the award on Sundance 2018.

Mike attempts to break away from the Klan when a girl falls in love with him. She forces him to leave for a better life than they can build.  An African American takes his girlfriend and her son and protects them.

Andre Heckler is the writer of the film, and Robbie Brenner and Bill Kenwright produced it.

As you know, the trailer premiered at the Sundance film festival. Now the 101 studios will release the Burden movie on 28th February 2020.


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